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Book Excerpt The Summer Solstice: Enchanted

Book Excerpt

We smile at each other in recognition, although I’m not sure if I’m happy to see this boy again. When we first met, it was under such strange circumstances.
“Are we going to meet like this every time?” he jokes.
I groan. “Hopefully not. I am sorry though. I was looking for my phone . . .”
“It’s okay if you are doing these things on purpose, just to talk to me.” His eyes glimmer.
He’s being friendly. My reaction must be clearly visible with the flush of my cheeks.
The silence lingers longer than I’m comfortable with so I let out a small laugh. “You’re onto me.”
The strange boy smiles before looking down into his hands. I follow his gaze to see that my books have landed there, or maybe they fell out of the bag and he’s picked them up. Funny, I didn’t notice.
“What’s the fascination with the solstice? Can’t be a school project, classes haven’t started yet.” His eyes flicker with curiosity.
I take the books from him, stuffing them back into the bag, and shrug. “It’s nothing, just bored I guess.”
His eyes tell me he doesn’t believe me. “People aren’t usually curious about the solstice. At least I’ve met no one who is. So you were bored, huh?”
Even though I allow my eyes to meet his, I hesitate. I don’t know this boy at all and here I face his criticism. “My birthday is on the summer solstice. I don’t know what the fascination is, but it means a lot to my grandmother so I thought I’d do my homework. She’s into all this Greek mythology stuff. Maybe then I’ll understand her obsession.”
He makes a face and nods. “Greek mythology?”
He shrugs and gives me a smile that melts me down to my toes. “I’ve always associated the summer solstice with Wiccans.” He must see my puzzled expression because he adds, “Witchcraft,” then holds up a book. “Where do you think this all comes from? It’s witchcraft. That’s scary stuff to be messing with.”
“I’m sorry, I don’t follow you. These books are about celebrating nature and fictional creatures. There’s nothing in here about witchcraft.” I let out an uncomfortable laugh.
He shrugs and hands me my books. “Wiccans believe in the four elements of earth, wind, fire, and water. They believe gods and goddesses control these elements. It’s a religion. Wiccans believe the summer solstice is celebrated as a day to give themselves to their greater beings through sacrifice.”
“That’s crazy. I’m not—Wiccan, or whatever. And neither is my grandmother.”
I don’t know why I get so defensive and wish for the conversation to be over.
He smiles. “I believe you.”
I stare at him as he speaks; his mouth moves so perfectly. His wide, wondrous green eyes make me slightly dizzy. Finally, the tension vanishes and his hand shoots out toward mine.
“Alec Stone. We forgot this part the other day.”

About the Book

23340748Title: The Summer Solstice Enchanted
Author: K.K. Allen
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
After Katrina Summer’s mother dies a mysterious death, she is hurtled into life at Apollo Beach where she learns the legends of her Ancient Greek ancestors. Kat’s world unravels as secrets from her heritage are exposed—secrets that her mother purposefully concealed. Leading to her 16th birthday, the day of the Summer Solstice, Kat becomes frightened when enigmatic visions and disturbing dreams haunt her. As her visions become reality fear turns to terror as powerful forces threaten the lives of those around her. Amidst the turmoil, Kat meets Alec Stone, who becomes her sole solace in an evocative world of mythological enchantment and evil prophecies that lurk around every corner . . .

Author Bio

KK-AllenK.K. Allen is the Contemporary Fantasy / Romance author of stories inspired by nature, magic and love. She loves manatees, learned to swim for the mere purpose of pretending she was a mermaid, and adores the beach so much she promises to one day live on one (in a tent if she has to) in Hawaii and serve snow cones on the side of the road. K.K.’s Summer Solstice series (The Summer Solstice Enchanted, The Equinox, and The Descendants) are now available! Her short story, Soaring, is available in the Echoes of Winter YA anthology.



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