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About the Book

Lucky Ones by Justus Roux hi resTitle: The Lucky Ones
Author: Justus Roux
Genre: Erotic Romance
 Karma, baby. We all have to face this bitch at one time or another.  Angelique was so wrapped up in trying to get the biggest piece of Dante’s heart that she forgot that her submissives need her love and guidance. Dante has evolved as a Master, but not as a husband. When Angelique walks away from him, he realizes he may just lose the woman who is his other half.
Master Griffin has lashed out at everyone that tries to hurt him or his. He has schemed and plotted to run this community. Yet, when he tries to take on Master Drake he comes up against an opponent he can’t beat.
Master Mato had nothing but respect for Master Griffin until he is given a submissive named Tao from Master Drake. Drake’s only concern is for Tao’s happiness and he believes she will find it with Mato, yet he doesn’t force his will on her, he leaves it for her to decide. Mato is forced to see Griffin in a different light because of Drake’s actions.
Who will be the lucky ones and walk away unscathed from Karma’s wrath?
 Songs I listened to while I wrote “Lucky Ones.”
Lucky Ones- Celldweller
Stay With Me Baby- Chris Corneli
Needed Me- Rihanna
I Hate You, I Love You-  Gnash
Sit Still, Look Pretty- Daya
I Don’t Care Anymore- Hellyeah
What is Love- Empire Cast
Hate Myself for Loving You- Joan Jett
Should’ve Been Us- Tori Kelly
Man Like That- Gina Wingmore
Let it Go-  James Bay
Hello Bitches- CL
Say You Love Me- Jessie Ware
Freedom- Beyonce

Author Bio

Justus Roux is the author of over forty erotic romance novels that range from the paranormal to BDSM. Her bestselling Master Series, Barbarian of Malka Series, and Dom/sub trilogy have earned good reviews from readers and reviewers. When she is not writing she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and is always on the pursuit for new and interesting music to inspire her.


Twitter:  @justus_roux

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