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Book Excerpt and Giveaway Wrong Side of the Rift

Book Excerpt

The Models have just returned to school. Their otherworldly beauty is gone and so is their power over their fellow students. Some adjust well, some don’t. Grape does her best to protect her friends, but as you’ll see, it isn’t always easy.

Graeson hovered just outside the cafeteria doors. He smiled when he saw her approaching and gave a quick wave.

"I'm starving. Not literally, but you know what I mean," Grape said, thinking of people who were actually starving. She'd forgotten to pack a lunch that morning or any snacks. Her tummy rumbled as she searched her purse for a few dollars.

"I might be able to spare some of my sandwich. I haven't been super hungry lately," Graeson offered.

"What'd you bring?"

"PB and J."

"That sounds like heaven. I'll take whatever you don't finish, but no worries. I have money in here somewhere. And Bam! Found it." Grape pulled a crumpled five dollar bill out of her bag and held in front of Graeson, savoring the small victory.

"Good. I kind of want all my sandwich."

"Can I have a bite?" she asked, now that her mouth was watering for creamy peanut butter and sweet jelly.

Graeson made to answer, but his words were drowned out by a scream from down the hall.

"What the…" Grape said, peering at the backs of students as they huddled into a mass. They swarmed the middle of the hall, circling around a small space. "What's going on?"

"Looks like a fight." Graeson's body tensed. "We should head into the cafeteria.

"Uh-huh," Grape said, but she kept her gaze locked on the crowd.

"Get him, Reggie!" someone yelled.

A book bag flew into the air from the middle of the pack. Grape recognized the Gucci bag. It might not be too long before the twins' aunt made Xavier sell his expensive accessories as well as their cars, but she hadn't yet.

"Crap, come on," Grape said, jogging toward the crowd. She had to push her way to the front. A hefty kid with huge, hulking shoulders held Xavier in a headlock. He punched the former Model in the face, and Grape saw blood spurt onto the floor.

"Hey!" she screamed, stepping forward, not sure what she could do. She tried to grab the guy's arm to stop him from hitting Xavier again, but the kid swatted her away. She tripped backward and landed hard on her rear, sending a jolt of pain through her body.

Anger raged in her belly as her ribs throbbed. Grape struggled to her feet. The giant kid picked Xavier up and held him in the air as if the former Model weighed no more than a child. "Put him down," she yelled, but her voice was drowned out by the crowd. They cheered to see Xavier body-slammed.

Grape heard a low growl and was surprised to find that it was coming from her. She took a step forward, her fists clenched and ready.

Two kids standing in the front row, red-faced from yelling, were shoved aside as Lonnie plowed through them. He landed two quick punches to the big kid's mid-section. The kid dropped Xavier, who landed heavily on his side.

"Ugh," Xavier moaned as Lonnie reached down to help him to his feet.

"Look out!" Grape yelled as the kid raised a ham-sized fist in the air. But he moved too slowly. Lonnie landed a kick to the giant's crotch before the boy could throw his punch. The boy stood still for a moment, his hand still raised. His face slowly turned red as he folded over, falling hard to the ground. Xavier stood and thrust his boot into the kid's stomach.

"You okay?" Lonnie asked his brother.

Xavier grabbed his book bag from the ground. He used the bottom of his T-shirt to wipe the blood from his nose. "I'm fine," he grunted.

Graeson grabbed Grape's arm and pulled her back into the crowd.

"Where were you?"

"Stuck in the back. We gotta go."

"But Lonnie's..."

Graeson pointed at the teachers rushing toward them. "We gotta go."

About the Book

Title: Wrong Side of the Rift
Author: Libby Heil
Genre: YA Fantasy
Grape can’t unlearn what living in Sortilege Falls has taught her. Magic is real. Vampires live among us. And there’s a portal in her back yard that leads to another world.
A few weeks ago, Grape lived a quiet life with her family in Watts Landing. Now, she’s stuck in Sortilege Falls, searching for a way to rescue her brother from the other side of the rift. She’s connected to Brad through dreams and what she sees terrifies her. Brad is being tortured into performing magic and, even worse, he’s being forced to torture others.
Grape hounds the magic folk in town, seeking a way through the rift. Her mother’s memory’s been stolen. Her new vampire friend refuses to help. Grape must do it all alone. What she uncovers is a whole host of secrets about the town and her own family. And she’s not the only one hunting for answers.
Time is running out for Brad, but it might be running out for Grape as well.
Buy your copy of Wrong Side of the Rift from Amazon.

Author Bio

I was born during a blizzard. I’m told it was pretty cool but I have no memory of that time. I grew up in two tiny towns in Virginia and spent most of my twenties moving around the US. I’ve lived in Virginia, Florida, Missouri, and Washington. I’ve settled down, for now, in Raleigh, North Carolina.
I’m a writer and improviser. I studied acting in college but spent more time rewriting lines than memorizing them. My first play, Fourth Wall, was produced my junior year. Since then, I’ve written several full length plays, one acts and screenplays. I started writing fiction in my late twenties. Now, I focus mainly on novels but still dabble in theater.
Fun facts about me: There are none. I’m sorry to disappoint you so soon. But, I do love to read, write, and run. My hubby is my favorite person on earth. Dogs are my second favorite. All dogs. I love orange juice, especially when it’s mixed with club soda. Carbonation is better than alcohol. Jaws is my favorite movie. Everything I’ve said so far is true.

Puschcart Prize Nomination for “Grow Your Own Dad” – Published by Mixer Publishing
Semi-finalist Eugene O’Neill Playwrights Conference – “STUFF”
Honorable Mention The Ohio State Newark New Play Contest – “The Last Day”




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Book Excerpt Work of Art: An Intention of Flowers

Book Excerpt

I stopped for a minute and looked at her, taking in the ludicrous sight of this old woman barring my exit. “Winny, do you understand what this means? What you just told me? Do you know what’s going to happen to Joseph?”
“Do you know,” she asked, “that I’m going to lose my car? That you’re going to destroy my credit rating? Is that the way you want to pay me back for bailing you out?
“Listen, Winny. It’s not that I don’t appreciate what you did for me. I do. But can you imagine what’s going to happen to Joseph? Do you want that poor kid going to jail, too?”
“No… I don’t.”
I could see her relax her stance just a little so I stepped forward and said in a softer tone, “Then, you need to let me help him. Please.”
She was lost in thought for a moment, but then she looked up at me and said, “No. I can’t let you do that. Bailing you out makes you my responsibility and I will stop you by whatever means necessary.”
“Meaning,” Winny said, “that I have a gun in my purse and I am willing to use it if I have to.”
I looked at the little purse she carried. There was no way a gun could fit in that purse. Winny was bluffing and she wasn’t even that good at it.
I couldn’t wait any longer. I puffed up my chest and stepped forward. “I’m going, Winny. I don’t care if I have to move you aside.”
Turns out, her purse was big enough to hold a gun. She pulled it out and pointed it at me without hesitation. “Don’t you listen?” she asked.
“Of course, I listen,” I replied, backing away. “I just thought you were lying, that’s all.”
“Someone threatens you with a gun and you think they’re lying? What the hell’s the matter with you?”
She took a step toward me, herding me into the living room. I moved out of her way like any good sheep. I’m no fan of guns. “Well, when they do that in movies, it always turns out to be a bluff.”
“Movies?” Winny asked.
“Old movies, mostly,” I told her.
“How stupid are you?”
Winny’s question hung in the air, filling the apartment, waiting for an answer. But I wasn’t going to argue. “I can be just as dumb as you need me to be. Just do me a favor and put the gun away.”
“Oh, come on,” she groused. “It’s only a .22.”
“You were going to kill me with a .22?”
“Who said anything about kill?” Winny took her seat on the recliner and spun it in my direction. “I figured I’d shoot you in the foot or in the leg. You’d bleed pretty badly but you probably wouldn’t die.”

About the Book

Title: Work of Art: An Intention of Flowers
Author: Ken La Salle
Genre: YA / Contemporary Fiction
Oily pavement.
Thick tempera paint.
A parking lot filled with history, fear, and regret.
A young man named Joseph Arillo sits in the parking lot and paints the pavement with flowers.
And Andy Hollis steps in it.
As the new art teacher at Santa Ana High School, he’s too curious about Joseph’s Flowers and unravels both of their lives in his pursuit for answers.
He learns that it’s all part of a rite of passage, an absurd test started by Joseph Arillo’s father, the suspiciously world-renowned artist named only Tom. Which also connects to the drama teacher at Santa Ana High, Katie Bustos. Whose daughter, Desiree, may or may not be dating Joseph. Who is putting himself in danger from a local gang, the lot’s mysterious history, and the police.
Andy puts himself in danger of losing his job, his home, and his freedom. If he can’t solve the riddle of Joseph’s Flowers, both of their lives will go up in smoke – despite any help from Winny, the old, Slovakian bureaucrat at school, or his students, or Tom himself.
But is Tom trying to help? And is Joseph really up to his father’s test?
And is Andy really fit to be a teacher? He doesn’t understand kids, can’t get to school on time, and… doesn’t appear to care about art or families or anything. But Joseph’s Flowers will challenge everything Andy believes: about himself, about the world, and most importantly of all about art.
Before Andy and Joseph are finished, they will witness the power art has to provide inspiration, to waken our hearts, and to shatter everything you ever believed about humanity.
An Intention of Flowers is the first book in a 5-book series, modestly titled Work of Art, about growing into the person you always wanted to be, making the most of what you have to give and not just what you have, and the power in each of us when we chose to be ourselves.

Author Bio

Author and occasional philosopher and monologist, Ken La Salle’s passion is intense humor, meaningful drama, and finding answers to the questions that define our lives. Ken La Salle grew up in Santa Ana, California and has remained in the surrounding area his entire life. He was raised with strong, blue collar roots, which have given his writing a progressive and environmentalist view. You can find a growing number of his books and performances available online. Find out more about Ken on his website at www.kenlasalle.com.

Amazon Page

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Book Excerpt Saved

Book Excerpt

The phone buzzed. Theresa flinched, almost dropping it. She pressed the message icon and saw a web link from the same number Sergeant Medina had called from. She clicked it, pulse increasing as the video loaded.
She clenched her jaw, not breathing through most of the three-minute video. It was him. It was definitely him. She recognized him even through his haggard appearance. His greasy hair had grown longer and he had a patchy beard. She couldn’t see his eyes in detail, but felt sure they were glazed over with insanity. The video had no sound, but she heard his voice in her head as she watched—his crazed voice, so full of rage.

About the Book

Title: Saved
Author: H.L. Anderson
Genre: Romantic Thriller
Theresa Kent is a wife, mom, and hardworking nurse living in rural Colorado. Life is good until her increasingly despondent, unemployed husband suddenly snaps—his vicious attack leaves Theresa fighting for her life as she tries to escape the insane version of the man she loves.
Ryan Tucker appears to have it all, except he’s been merely existing, not living, for the the last three years. His emotions get a much needed jump start when he rescues Theresa from the torment her life has become in just a matter of days. Ryan feels an instant and fierce desire to protect this stranger that fell into his life.
Hanging over their heads is the knowledge that Theresa’s husband is still out there, hunting for her.
Can two broken souls be repaired, or will the demons of the past and present come between the repressed love that grows between them?

Author Bio

Holli Anderson has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing—which has nothing to do with writing, except maybe by adding some pretty descriptive injury and vomit scenes to her books. She discovered her joy of writing during a very trying period in her life when escaping into make-believe saved her. She enjoys reading any book she gets her hands on, but has a particular love for anything fantasy.
Along with her husband, Steve, and their four sons, she lives in Grantsville, Utah—the same small town in which she grew up.

Website:  www.holli-anderson.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HaAuthor
Instagram: anderson.holli

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Book Excerpt A-C-T Like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K Like a Parent

Book Excerpt

26) If You Are Asking On The Day Of The Event, It's Too Late.

As an example, when I was growing up with my parents, I noticed how I was being parented. I also had friends who of course had parents. I had neighbors who also had parents and I had schoolmates who also had parents. My parents' parenting style was different than my friends' parents' parenting style. My friends' parents' parenting styles were different then my neighbors' parenting style. My neighbors' parents' parenting style was also different than, again, my parents' parenting style. But with all these different parents and their many parenting styles, they all had at least this one thing in common. They all hate being asked about stuff at the last minute or put on the spot, so to speak.

It doesn't matter which parents we approached that way, we always got the same answer. And that answer was a big, fat “No”.

When an event came up like a birthday party, a school dance, friends going out to the movies, going out to a friends' house, going to an after school sports event or hanging at the mall, it just didn't matter. Whatever we as kids would want to do, no matter how good and wholesome it was, if we waited until the last minute to get permission to go out to the event, we would each of us be told “no”. It didn't matter which parent was asked, mother or father, the answer would still be “no”. We could have done our chores, our homework, gotten good grades and eaten all of our veggies and we would have still gotten a very unchangeable “no”. No begging, whining, crying, pleading or negotiating, not even if we asked with our friends standing right there would be no difference. But then, there were a few of my friends who were always able to get permission to go to every birthday party, school dance, movie or sporting event. The rest of us thought that their parents were awesome and that our parents were gremlins.

This type of thinking about our parents went on for years until one day while I was being driven home from school by my friends' parents, I heard my friend tell his parents about an event that was going to happen almost a month later. He was actually asking for permission to go to an event at the MET museum in New York City. This was a real field trip. He told them where he would be going, when it would take place, which teachers would be in charge, how much it would cost, when he would be returning, how he would get there and back. His parents said right there on the spot that they didn't see why it would be a problem and that they would think about it and get back to him about it at a later date. I couldn't believe that they practically told him yes, right then and there, a whole month in advance. But that's not the funny part.

The funny part is that when I got home I said to my parents everything that he said about the field trip event to the museum in almost the same way and order even though I knew that my parents would say “no” and guess what happened. My parents said that they would get back to me too. They didn't say no and later that month they got back to me on it. They gave me money for travel and lunch, signed the consent form and let me go on the trip.

So, of course, I explained this all to the rest of my friends and from then on we all got to go to all the events that we wanted to go to. Who knew that by letting our parents know the who, what, when, where, how and why of that particular event, of course ahead of time, that it would actually make a difference in what we would get to do?

You see, what I found out was that parents like to have time to talk over with each other about what their kids wants to do. They like being told about things in advance so that they can look the place up and see who's going to be in charge of us, while we are out there. And they like to budget and to being able to put money aside for us. All to keep us safe and secure, so that we can have a happy good time. And all this stuff that they do goes on behind our backs for everything that they let us do. Even if we don't realize or see it.

By telling our parents about the things that we want to do, we are letting them know that we are smart enough to realize just how much they do for us because they care for us. And that our safety is something that they plan for us daily.

So don't wait til the last minute to ask if can you go somewhere. Give your parents, guardians and caregivers enough time, and information, to make an educated decision. Do it so that they can think about what they need to think about. Do it so that they can have time enough to give responsibly give you permission to do what you want to do. So, again, ask in advance.

About the Book

Title: A-C-T Like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K Like a Parent
Author: C.S. Whitehurst
Genre: Nonfiction self-help
Just for kicks, have you ever wondered what your parents really want from you in life? Is it you, or do your parents want you to have no real fun? On any given day, do you want to make your parents proud of you and still do what makes you feel really happy within yourself? Of course you do! But the real question has always been, and still is…how? How can we actually get this done?
Well, with A-C-T like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K like a Parent, a.k.a “the child-part consoler”, you will get past common misunderstandings by learning how to truly talk, hear, and listen to your parents, guardians or caregivers instead of feeling like you have to run to friends to find some sense of acceptance, understanding, and real connection.
In this book, chock-full of questions and answers gotten directly from the source, you’ll learn what your parents, guardians or caregivers really expect of you—and maybe you’ll even find out how to explain to them what you really expect from them! Not that this book could ever replace a parent, because it can not. But when it comes to openly communicating certain key ideas, this book comes really close.
This tell-all guide contains lots of enlightening explanations and helpful answers to many common kid questions like:
  • What do my parents really want from me?
  • Why do my parents do what they do and say what they say?
  • What do I really need to know about my parents’ parenting skills?
  • How can I keep my parents happy with me?
  • How can I help my parents to help me?
  • How can I get what I want from my parents every time?
A-C-T like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K like a Parent is an intro to the secret knowledge of adults which is a set of informations that is mainly covered in the book entitled Surrogate Re-Parenting: A.K.A. Get Your Mind Right, and even more thoroughly covered in the book The Secret Knowledge Of Adults. While this book, A-C-T like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K like a Parent is intended for kids 10 and up, the info in this book is beneficial and useful to the intelligent kid parts in all of us. Yes, this means you too.
The information in this book will help you and yours to start to see your parents, not as the enemy, but as the caring human beings they really are, and take the first step toward family unity, understanding, growth, success, and happiness! Both you and your parents really deserve this, and with this book, A-C-T like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K like a Parent, you and your parents can actually achieve this.

Author Bios

Katherine Shears is a mom, graduate of Strayer University, and an executive consultant, who is dedicated to bettering the social function and overall visibility of all she encounters. She is a deep thinker with an open mind who stays on the cutting edge of learning, having read over one hundred self-help titles and counting.
C.S. Whitehurst is a psychology-based UX/UI designer/tester, computer programmer, IT Project Manager, and self-help enthusiast, who is a student of science, philosophy, life, and NYU. As a native of New York, having been exposed to social diversity, he has been coached by life to respond to the issues plaguing inner-city youth.



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Book Trailer Blitz Secret Baby, Second Chance

Book Trailer

About the Book

A terrorized young mother and her secret child return home, where a killer awaits…
She’s alive! Vincente Delaney has finally found his girlfriend, Beth Wade, who disappeared a year and a half ago, alive. But he’s shocked to discover someone with her: their child, a little girl he never knew about! Once upon a time, lone wolf Vincente never expected forever with Beth, but now he must put everything on the line to protect her and their family.
Beth was forced to leave Vincente to protect everything she held dear. But now the threat to her loved ones’ lives has reared its ugly head again. As danger approaches, she and Vincente must delve into her past to cast out the darkness jeopardizing their future.

Author Bio

JANE GODMAN writes paranormal romance for Harlequin Nocturne and SMP Romance and thrillers for Harlequin Romantic Suspense. She also self publishes her historical and gothic stories.
Jane worked in a variety of shops, bars, and offices before settling into a career as a teacher. She was born in Scotland and has lived in Germany, Wales, Malta, South Africa, and England. Home is now the Wirral, a beautiful English peninsula situated between Wales and Liverpool.
Jane still gets the urge to travel, although these days she tends to head for a Spanish beach, or a European city that is steeped in history. Venice, Dubrovnik, and Vienna are among her favorites.
When she isn’t reading or writing romance, Jane enjoys cooking and spending time with her family. She is married to a lovely man, has two grown up children and has recently discovered the joy of becoming a grandparent.
Social Media Links:



Win a copy of the first two books in the series (Covert Kisses and The Soldier’s Seduction)
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Book Excerpt It Feels Good To Feel Good

Book Excerpt

Book Introduction

Who am I, and why did I decide to write this book?
My name is Cheryl Meyer, and I recently became a Health Coach.  (Cheryl M Health Muse)  I took the HCTP program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® for certification.
I am writing this book to help others who have pain from inflammation.  I want to share what I have learned in the process of eliminating my own pain.
 I got sick, really sick five years ago, and I was saddled with pain. 
I got sick because I was not paying attention to how I was eating and I was ignoring my body.  And, to boot, I had oodles of toxic lifestyle habits.
·         I was not listening to my body.
·         I had an ostrich approach of not paying attention to the available information that could have helped me. 
·         I took no time to take care of myself, or even notice what my body was saying or feeling.
·         I was busy taking care of everyone else, my staff, my mom, my friends.  It’s a lovely thing to be a caretaker, but I had to learn that I also had to take care of myself.
·         I was eating on the fly, or going out to dinner often eating rich, heavy [G1] food.
·         I was eating late at night. 
·         I was rarely cooking.
·         I was gaining a lot of weight. 
·         I was working 24/7. 
·         I was feeding on stress.
·         I was in a love relationship that had turned toxic.
And……I didn’t understand why organic was important or what damage GMO’s (genetically modified foods, defined in my section on food) and toxins were doing to my body.
Unaware that all the pre-signs and circumstances for sickness were in place, the pain began. 
I did not recognize the early signs of inflammation and didn't understand what was happening to my body.  However, I was aware of the increasing pain in my body.  I often woke in the middle of the night in pain.  When I woke up in the morning, I could barely get out of bed.  It was painful to move, and sections of my body hurt.[G2]   My brain was confetti.  My moods were all over the place.
 My MD took a conventional approach that wasn’t helping me.  In all honesty, I think she didn’t know how to help me.  And I was resistant to taking additional pills.
I knew I needed to lose weight, but I didn't want to diet, and [G3] I didn’t want to change the way that I ate.  It seemed that changing what I ate would lead to a life of deprivation. 
So it was Pain with a capital P that set me on a five-year journey to get well and to make drastic lifestyle changes. 
This introduction continues in “It Feels Good to Feel Good, learn to eliminate toxins, reverse inflammation and feel great again.”

About the Book

Title: It Feels Good to Feel Good
Author: Cheryl Meyer
Genre: Non-Fiction / Health
Got Pain?
This book is for anyone with chronic pain looking for answers. It will give you a place to start. You don’t have to resign yourself to a life of pain and pills.
In this book you will learn:
* What is causing your pain and how to eliminate it.
* How to find a practitioner that will help you gain back your health.
* What’s in your food? Organic, conventional, GMOs processed, fast, canned, dairy, factory farmed meat, soy, water.  Identify your sensitivities and heal your leaky gut.
* Identify the toxins in your life. in  your cosmetics, over the counter drugs,in you kitchen, in your body. Learn how to purge them.
* 34 stress busting ideas, and four simple exercises to reduce your stress.
* 32 suggestions from leading functional experts on how to get a good night’s sleep..
* How to recognize a toxic relationship and make it work or walk away.
* How to tame Anxious Negative Thoughts “ANTs”.
* The importance of movement, even for people who don’t like to move
* How to take control of your health, reduce your inflammation and feel great again!

Author Bio

About Cheryl Meyer aka Cheryl M Health Muse and her book, “It Feels Good to Feel Good, learn about toxins, reducing inflammation and feel great again.”
Five years ago, Cheryl got sick, really sick.  It was a perfect storm: she was working 24/7; her long-term relationship imploded; economic changes slowed her business; she got Type II diabetes; she was taking care of everyone else; her stress was out of control.
Then one morning … viola, Cheryl woke up in incredible pain that didn’t go away. Her doctor didn’t recognize what it was and thought it was in her head.
Cheryl didn’t want more pills, so she embarked on her own journey to find wellness.  When she started, she didn’t even know what she was looking for.  She was stunned to find toxins in every aspect of her life that were poisoning her.  She discovered the Functional Medicine community.  She was tested for food sensitivities.
This book shares everything that Cheryl learned to reverse her inflammation and put her autoimmune diseases at bay.  This is the get well manual that she wishes had been available when she got sick. The book is about first identifying  that toxins that were a significant cause of her leaky gut, then she identified  what  the toxins were  and finally she shares what she replaced them with. She addresses the toxins in our food, in our cosmetics, our cleaning supplies, our kitchen utensils, our water, our over the counter drugs, and even in our heads, stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, lack of movement and finally toxic relationships.  She wants to help others find a path to wellness.
Cheryl is now relatively pain-free, but still considers herself a work in progress.  She avoids the foods and spices on her specific, long list of problem foods.  She has purged toxins.  She has released stress and nagging worry.  She has learned to find joy in movement.  She has found love.  She is grateful.
Cheryl believes that following her journey will help you live a long, happy and pain-free life.
In order to help others, Cheryl has become a Holistic Health Coach, certified from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition©.
My book has won the following awards to date:
  • 3rd place CIPA EVVY Health/Wellness,
  • 2nd Place CIPA EVVY Illustrator in a non-children’s book
  • New Apple Summer Digital sole winner in Health/medical
  • The Living Evergreen Award Gold winner for books that exemplify better living.
  • It is in the top 10 from Write your Own Dream Book, November 17, Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
  • TOP 12 Books on the Spirited Woman Fall Equinox 2017 book list.

Book Reviews

“It Feels Good to Feel Good, learn to eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation and feel great again” is written by Cheryl Meyer, a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®, where she completed a cutting edge curriculum in nutrition and health coaching taught by the world’s leading experts in health and wellness.  I recommend you read this book and be in touch with Cheryl (Cheryl M Health Muse ) to see how she can help you successfully achieve your goals.
– Joshua Rosenthal, MScEd, Founder/Director, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
If you want to truly feel better…clean up! Just one tip from Cheryl’s book will change your life. She has written the ultimate source for getting well through detoxification.”Suzy Cohen, RPh Author of “Drug Muggers: Which Medications Are Robbing Your Body of Essential Nutrients and How to Restore Them.
“You have taken putting soap in the mouth for naughty words …” to a New Level!  LOL Who knew we were surrounded by so many toxins.
I’ve pretty much finished your book now working on giving sections to my family and friend that I think will especially appreciate certain chapters!  YOU, my Dear, have found your calling, YOU make this rather “dull” subject a Very Good, interesting read, with fun personal touches along the way.
I LOVE your book; I hope people will embrace it.  Why worry so much about health care if we keep killing ourselves with poison.  We can all start with eliminating the toxins out of our lives.              Val Peterson
“As a Functional Medicine Doctor who partners with patients to deal with the root causes of their symptoms, it was a pleasure to read a book that offers such a comprehensive yet simple approach to improve health, reduce inflammation and pain, lose weight and increase energy. This is a great reference to keep in reach on your own journey to optimal wellness.  If you are struggling with chronic symptoms like digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, and autoimmune disorders, this book may really help you. It lays out practical tools that you can use right away and at your own pace, everything from how to change your shopping choices to getting more comprehensive medical testing to reduce your toxic burden. Her simple to understand, well researched and easy-to-adopt tools can be helpful to even the busiest among us.”   Dr. Shilpa Sayana, Founder and Medical Director, Sayana Wellness Centers
“Cheryl has been not only been an exemplary patient, she has made it her mission to inspire and help others with her experience and knowledge!”   Susan Spizer, MTCM, L.Ac.
She writes like she talks, straight and with passion.  What you will read here will surprise you. A helpful read that you will refer back time and time again for reference.” Scott Lee, Master, Body and Brain Yoga, Monrovia
“My friend, Cheryl Meyer has written a book that I recently finished called “It feels good to feel good”. It has a lot of common sense solutions (many that you would never think of) to healthy, toxin free living designed around the reduction of inflammation through what you put in and on your body. Most of this is from her personal experience. I know Cheryl to be one of the finest people you’ll ever know. Cheryl’s also a big proponent of “functional medicine”. If you are unfamiliar with this form of medical practice, you need to read her book. It will change the way you think”.  Frank Jones
Cheryl’s book is as timely as it is informative. This is an excellent read for those seasoned in the holistic lifestyle as well as those just beginning. There is something for everyone. Her material covers everything from probiotics, house cleaning materials, and abdominal massages, to which teas to drink for better sleep. She has the latest information on metal detoxing and extensive research on the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat.
Cheryl provides real solutions that can be implemented far beyond the basics with a bend toward functional medicine. I personally ordered three products within hours of reading her book. I’m especially thrilled with the depth of her research around relationships and those that can be toxic. Make sure to read this book and hold onto the “not to miss points” at the beginning of each section.
Shannon Eavenson, Author, & Physical Therapist/Health Coach


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maandag 30 oktober 2017

Cover Reveal Blitz The Wild Irish Girl

About the Book

Title: The Wild Irish Girl
Author: C.B. Halverson
Genre: Historical Erotic Romance
Audrey Byrnes doesn’t mind playing the wild Irish princess for London’s elite aristocracy—as long as they buy her novels. With her father’s Dublin theater in ruins and her sister’s illness growing worse, she’s the only person who can save her family from the gutter. As much as she enjoys the occasional passing dalliance, being the primary breadwinner of her Irish family means either marrying well or not at all.
Dr. Joseph Moorland knows it’s wrong to dress in disguise to hobnob with London’s high society, but he figures one night would do no harm—until he meets the charming and mysterious novelist, Audrey Byrnes. Too poor to marry, he hides his real identity until an accident reveals the truth, and what started as a mild flirtation turns to a complex game of secrets, passion, and desire.
Thrown together by circumstance, Audrey and Joseph find themselves in a tense alliance as they try to crawl their way up from their humble beginnings and into the highest echelons of the ton. But when one of the most formidable political players in London sets his sights on having Audrey for himself, she has to choose between saving her family from charges of treason or losing the man she loves forever.

Author Bio

C.B. Halverson is the alter-ego of Colleen Halverson, author of the Aisling Chronicles. Ever since she picked up her first bodice ripper as an impressionable adolescent, she wanted to explore the erotic female experience through writing. It wouldn’t be until much later that she allowed herself the freedom to write these sordid tales, and now she fears she may never stop. When she’s not staring out the window and dreaming up stories, she can be found trying out new Thai recipes, drinking wine with her girlfriends, or hiking through the woods with her husband and two children.



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