dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

Book Excerpt from Hunted Heiress

I'm going to share an excerpt with you from "Hunted Heiress", an action/adventure romance novel today. Have fun reading!

Book Excerpt

With that she stomped on his foot with her heel. Once distracted he took her elbow to his stomach. UMPH! The gun went off, but the bullet did not land in Miss Miranda, but the copilot. With fear, the pilot turned around and continued to fly the plane. “You bitch, look what you made me do. Now get back to your seat!”
With that she kept struggling, and the pilot not wanting another person dead, left his controls to grapple with the man. About five minutes of fighting went, while Miranda pressed her body to the
wall not wanting to get in the way.

Hunted Heiress

Title: Hunted Heiress
Author: Aeriell Lawton
Genre: Action/Adventure Romance
Miranda Caldwell is kidnapped at the airport on her way to France for a vacation.
She is forced onto another airplane which crashes into the dense woods. She is rescued by Ryan, a deep undercover officer who is taking a much needed break. He takes her back to civilization and safety. Miranda’s ordeal is over. Or is it.

Author Bio
Thomas Rutledge has normally written in the make money genre with seven books available. Writing as Aeriell Lawton, Hunted Heiress is the first foray into the world of action/adventure. The next book “Killer Cure” is currently in pre-production and will be available soon.

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