zondag 15 december 2013

Book Review Burn

Title: Burn
Author: Danae Samson
Genre: Thriller, Horror

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From the pen of Danae Samson, author of the terrifying debut, LAMENT HILL, comes her follow-up novel, BURN: The Casual Slaughters of Simon Green.
Violence comes to the small Californian college community of Riverhearst as a group of students and teachers are forced to confront a sociopathic killer targeting students.  But what is more frightening is that this killer appears to be one of their own…
Prepare to experience the neuroses and the casual slaughters of Simon Green.
Prepare to experience the horror of a town BURN!

Simon Green isn't like any other person. He has violence and rage inside of him that he can barely control. Going to college is the final drop. He's not accepted by his peers, he has an on-again, off-again girlfriend who he threats like crap, he's estranged from his father, and his madness escalates when he suspects teachers might be seeing students, or feeling more for them than they're supposed to.

He starts killing students, one by one, to get his point across. He does so almost casually, without any remorse, and not even feeling a lot of passion when he does it.

While the police starts a cat & mouse game to catch the killer, Simon feels like his message isn't being understood properly...

Simon was an interesting, albeit disturbed character. It was an intriguing experience to get a glimpse into a killer's mind. I liked the professors too. They were very human, a stark contrast to Simon's personality, which put things in perspective.

This is a dark read, but it's fun and very suspenseful. A decent read for those stormy winter nights. 

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