dinsdag 17 december 2013

Book Review Matt Monroe and The Secret Society

Title: Matt Monroe and The Secret Society
Author:  Edward Torba
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy / Mystery

Matt Monroe and The Secret Society is the first book in a series about a fourteen-year-old boy and his friends. In this first installment, Matt puts aside his fears as he travels to a same-time dimension to fulfill a prophecy. The saga begins when Matt finds a set of mysterious wooden tablets and an onyx ring. Soon he and his older brother, along with five friends, find themselves transported to the world of Paragon, where they face numerous obstacles. This is an account of deception and betrayal, mixed with courage and the bonds of friendship. Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure with an extraordinary ending. The second book in the series, Matt Monroe and The Haunted House, continues the story of these courage young teens.

Wonderful, magical, hilarious and thought-provoking. Those are just a few words to sum up Matt Monroe and The Secret Society!

Matt Monroe is your average kid next door. That is, until he finds a set of wooden tablets and an onyx ring in a box that belonged to his Grandpa. When strange creatures start crawling around in town, it's up to the Secret Society to reveal themselves. Unlike anything Matt ever expected, the Secret Society talks about a mysterious world, Paragon, totally unlike their own, where a wicked elf wants to destroy the world.

What begins for Matt and his friends, is the adventure of a lifetime. In the same way as Harry Potter brought magic to life, so does this book. The writing was great, the characters were amazing, and Matt is a great hero.

I was glad to hear there will be more books in the series. I hope I'll get the chance to read and review them as well! 

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