dinsdag 1 april 2014

Book Review The Starlight Club

Title: The Starlight Club
Author: Joe Corso
Genre: Crime

The Starlight Club was jumping . . .

“They looked like mob guys. They had that arrogance exuded by those who liked to intimidate – those who were the proud purveyors of fear.” Amidst the nightly gaiety was the back room, where business deals were made, hits were ordered, and territories were divided. An image of the author is also attached. 
Trenchie not being a “rat” is just released from his ten year prison sentence. A new life is waiting – complete with envelopes of money and a steak house to call his own. He finds the woman of his dreams who brings along ex-husband baggage. Hit man Jimmy The Hat finds unexpected fame in the most unlikely of places, yet he always stays true to the “boys”, especially Big Red. “Crazy Joey Gallo” and his brothers break away from the Profaci family and go “rogue, on their own now. They split their gang into several small groups and spread them out over the five boroughs.”

Robert Valentine asked his daughter to meet him in a restaurant in New York, where he intends to tell her about his past life, as part of the maffia. From there on, start a story that dates back several decades, when the streets of Queens were ruled by the mob, and he was part of that. We meet several original chareacters, like Trechie, Jimmy The Hat, and so on, but also some real life mobsters pass the revue.

The book is filled with action and suspense, and from the first page to the end, there's no stopping to the relentless pacing of the book. I felt like I was actually thrown back in time, to the era of mobsters and gangsters, to a time of great social unrest, where the streets weren't safe, and people dressed in suits and hats, and everyone had a gun.

An excellent book that I recommend to everyone who enjoys stories like The Godfather.

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