dinsdag 3 juni 2014

Promo Post Spelled

Title: Spelled
Author: Kate St. Clair
Genre: YA Paranormal
Magic runs thicker than blood. 

16-year-old Georgia Sayers may have just found out she's descended from two of the most powerful witches in history, but others have known for a long time, and are hunting her. Can she protect her siblings from them before it's too late? 

Author Bio 
Kate grew up in Austin, TX, before she attended boarding school in California. She was accepted to the Chapman University Creative Writing program before she wrote SPELLED - Amethyst, Book One, released on April 1st 2014. SPELLED is a paranormal YA series published by Black Hill Press. When she's not writing, Kate is riding horses, walking her dogs, or playing with her pet pig, Miley. 


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