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Book Excerpt The Affair

 Title: The Affair
Author: Olivia Grace
Genre: New Adult Romance
Karrie Stahl and Justin Hunter aren’t your typical lovers. Sure, they love each other immensely. The passion between them is undeniable. There are just a few things horribly wrong with their love. Well, Karrie Stahl is living with her boyfriend, Tyler, and she’s never seen Justin face-to-face. As most lovers do in this day of social media and online dating, Karrie and Justin met online. Yet, no matter how they met, unbeknownst to Karrie, she had become addicted to a complete stranger. But you don’t know that you are addicted to anything until you are forced to give it up.

The day comes when they meet and things go left, when she had all hopes for it to go right. And that is when Karrie’s world begins to fall apart. She hates her drunk, loser boyfriend. Her job sucks. And she is days away from being kicked out of college, if she can’t pay tuition. What’s a girl to do when life has strapped her into an emotional and dramatic roller coaster? She sucks it up, cries on the inside like a winner, and takes life by the groin… literally.

Author Bio
 Olivia Grace is a thirty-two year old mom, wife, avid reader, lover of romance, and author of New Adult Romance. Her debut novelette, The Affair, is an entertaining and provocative New Adult series! She is a working mom of two and lives in a small town in the state of Indiana.

Twitter: @gracetheewriter

Book Excerpt

That’s all I could think about as Tyler lay on top of me giving me his old faithful missionary.
Don’t get me wrong. I should have been grateful to have any guy on top of me. Tyler was a rugged jock, and I looked like his peasant wench.
But no matter how frumpy I looked compared to him, I was tired of this same ol’ boring lackadaisical penetration, which he thought was sheer rock star fucking, that left me sore with no positive outcome of a freaking orgasm.
Tyler and I had been in a relationship since my sophomore year of high school. He was the senior jock that was heavily pursued by all the girls, like all the other jocks. He towered over my 5’5” frame at 6’3”. He still had a football player’s build and the typical football player’s ass. Green eyes were surrounded by eyebrows that looked professionally arched, giving his face that modelesque look. He still wore his dirty blond hair in the Roman style that I adored when I was fifteen years old.
To me, we were polar opposites. I was petite, weak, and awkward. I was the weird freckled faced red head that was able to snag the jock with nothing but my ability to help him pass Chemistry through late hours of tutoring that eventually turned into premarital sex.
Tyler growled lustfully into my neck.
I rolled my eyes into the back of my head.
His sweat leaked into my pores.
I cringed.
“Turn over, baby.”
Before I could consent or refuse, Tyler lifted my frail body and turned me over. Effortlessly, my body flung over to its other side. I lay on my stomach. My face was smashed into the striped Walmart sheets.
They smelled like beer, sex, and cigarettes.
They needed to be washed.
That’s what I thought as Tyler entered me; I needed to do laundry. I could smell the stench of nights of Tyler’s binge drinking, smoking, and eating in the microfiber. The strong aroma of beer swam into my nostrils as Tyler straddled my ass and got comfortable in–between my ass cheeks.


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