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Book Excerpt from Saving Jamie

Title: Saving Jamie
Author: Carol Braswell
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Her secret can get her killed!
The only thing standing between Jamie and the Cartel is FBI agent Rex Garret, but he can’t protect her when she disobeys orders. When a dead body turns up and evidence places Jamie at the scene she becomes the number one suspect. Will he have to arrest the woman he’s come to care about or will he find her dead?
Can he save her this time?
Jamie Kenner barely escapes abduction alive, but at what cost? A traumatic head injury leaves what little memory she has left almost useless. An unlikely friendship with a reclusive, but kind rancher eases her pain and frustration. Yet something isn’t right. Fear haunted her. A secret is locked inside her head, dancing just out of reach…a secret someone is willing to kill for.

Author Bio

Carol Braswell has been writing since 1994. She took it seriously three years ago when a newspaper story caught her eye and Finding Amy was born. But Amy had an identical twin and her story had to be told as well. Saving Jamie dictated her story, Carol listened and Jamie’s adventure came to life.
“Several beta readers told me they didn’t like Jamie in the first book. That’s exactly how I wanted her to come across. But I had to redeem her in Saving Jamie. My editor said I had.”
Mrs. Braswell says she writes what she loves to read. That is a lot of suspense and a little romance thrown in to keep the emotions flowing. Her page turners keep you on the edge wondering just what will happen next. And you never have to wait long for a hunt and capture or a steamy roll in the sheets. Her books are loaded with both.
At present Mrs. Braswell is working on three books and plans to release two more after re-writes. “It is a daunting task, to say the least, but will be well worth the effort.”
She lives in east Texas with her hero husband who can fix anything and three very spoiled Maltese. She says her home was built for comfort and tranquility. Hubby built her a pergola where she escapes to writes.




Their lips were locked as he backed into the house and shoved the door closed with his foot. He picked her up and carried her upstairs. They fell across the bed locked in each other’s arms. His hands found the bottom of her tank top and shoved it over her head exposing her bare breast. The cool air chilled her naked skin until he took her taut nipple into his mouth and gently teased it, setting off fire low in her belly. Her fingers roamed through his thick dark hair and her head went back enjoying his touch.
Rex moved to the other breast. “I’ve been so worried, Jamie. I was afraid I’d never see you again.” His tongue circled her nipple.
Jamie moaned. “I didn’t know at the time what was missing until my memory returned. It was you, Rex. I missed you.”
Rex stood and shoved her pajama pants down her hips and she kicked them off, leaving her naked. He removed his shirt and jeans and they molded together.
His body warmed her all the way to her toes. She found his mouth and bit his lower lip then put the tip of her tongue to the corner. He sucked it into his mouth and teased it with his own. His thumb and index finger rolled her hard nipple between his fingers sending surges through her.
Jamie let her hands roam over his back and down to his firm butt. He moaned. She kissed his neck and flipped him over on his back. Her lips followed a path down his chest. “If you keep that up I won’t last.” He turned her over and covered her chest with kisses. She gasped for breath and tangled her fingers in his hair. His hand traced a path over her skin. Passion pounded the blood through her heart, chest, and head. He slid a finger inside her and waves of sensations throbbed through her.

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