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Book Excerpt from All The Pretty Bones


Book Excerpt

The minute Sean laid eyes on the slender woman sprawled on the lawn like a marionette doll with limbs bent at awkward angles, the rest of the world dropped away in a fog. His vision fixed on the ruined neck and auburn hair that draped across her face, obscuring her features. The graceful collarbones, the delicate wrists, and the petite figure were features he had seen and held and stroked. The woman who had run laps around his mind was before him.

A strangled noise coming from Sean's throat caused his partner to rush to his side.

"Sean! What the hell is wrong?" A hand shook his shoulder, but the tunnel he was peering through spotlit the body sprawled on the front lawn of a tidy house on Queen Anne. "Do you know the victim?"

Sean couldn't know for certain until he saw her face. He nearly stumbled as his feet carried him next to the body, and he fell to his knees with a thud against the dewy lawn. With shaking hands, he pulled on gloves and brushed the dark hair away. A rush of wind escaped him as he realized it wasn't Olivia. The figure and hair had been spot on, but the eyes were all wrong. Dark brown and drab. Thank God.

His knees popped as he stood back up and took a shaking breath. The woman could be Olivia's sister. Now that the adrenaline was starting to back off and his field of vision was widening, differences began to form. The chin was more pronounced, the nose a little more refined, and her mouth was thin, but that could be the grimace that pulled her lips back in death.

"You okay, man?" Walter Stewart hovered near his partner and looked ready to start fanning Sean with his notebook and call for a medic. The gruff bastard was a mother hen deep down. They were a good combo. Walter was the voice of reason to temper out his hot-headed partner.

Sean forced a smile. "Yeah. She looked like someone I knew." He fought the urge to run his gloved hand down his face. "Exactly like her, actually. It's pretty damn eerie. Did you guys find any ID?"

His partner bent forward at the waist and squinted at the victim. "Huh. She does look kind of like Olivia."

All The Pretty Bones

Title: All The Pretty Bones
Author: Camela Thompson
Genre: Paranormal Thriller
After ten years of living in the shadow of her stalker, a diagnosis of terminal cancer pushes Olivia Kardos to take matters into her own hands. Her final days will not be spent isolated from the world nor hiding like a hunted animal. It’s time for Mark Porter to die. Going against a trained killer alone would be foolish, but the handsome arms dealer who offers to help her has a dark secret of his own.
Homicide Detective Sean Howard has tried to push his ex out of his mind, but his next case brings her crashing back into his life. A woman is found exsanguinated and brutally stabbed in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood and she could be Olivia’s doppelganger. As more women are murdered and the similarities grow, Sean can’t shake the feeling that Olivia is next.
In a world where demons and vampires lurk just beneath the surface, what you don’t know can kill you.

Author Bio

When I was a little girl, I loved writing stories about animals doing amazing things. Ducks could speak with humans, and hamsters had a suspicious tendency to follow plot lines that were strikingly similar to Indiana Jones. I grew up, found a career, and got married, forgetting the need to tell stories. A week cooped up in my house with an illness resulted in a random decision to write a novel. That first novel will probably never see the light of day, but it woke up something that had been dormant for years.
Despite dabbling in many genres, there is a driving force behind my stories. I love writing about women who shine in difficult circumstances. I will back them up against the wall and sit amazed as they manage to come out on the other side stronger than ever.


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