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Book Excerpt from Kristin's Ghost



Book Excerpt

“What if I jump with you?” Kristin offered, softening her approach.
Xander looked up at the cliff.  How could he say no after Yzzie had called him brave?  He nodded.
“Great,” Kristin smiled at him. “Yzzie you should get a picture of us up there.”
“That is an excellent idea,” she said, before swimming toward the towels, to retrieve her cell phone.
Xander followed Kristin up to the eight foot ledge.  It was about four feet at its widest point and about a dozen feet long.  The water looked a lot further below than eight feet. 
Just when he thought he might turn around and climb back down, Kristin grabbed his hand.  Energy seemed to flow through his arm.  She smiled at him.  He hadn’t noticed the flecks of gold in her light brown eyes before.  Xander smiled back, his trepidations evaporated away. 
“Someday, I’m going to jump from up there.” She pointed at the upper cliff with her other hand. 
“Me, too,” was all he could think to say. Then he realized that he would probably jump from up there today if she held his hand.
“Smile, you guys,” Yzzie called from below, her cell phone pointed at them.
They waved.  Smiling wasn’t a problem for Xander.  He now felt as brave as Yzzie’s description of him.  Kristin squeezed his hand and he squeezed back.
“Do you trust me?” Kristin asked.
“Yes,” Xander replied, glancing at the water far below.
“On three,” she said, as she leaned back on her heals. “Take a deep breath first.”
Xander inhaled deeply and shifted his weight back, imitating his jumping partner.
“One, two, three,” Kristin shouted excitedly.
 Together they launched into the air.  As they plunged into the water, the friction tried to tear their hands apart.  Xander held tight.  When their downward momentum stopped, Xander was about to kick his feet and start back to the surface, but Kristin tugged his hand.  She pulled Xander close and kissed him.  Then she pulled back slightly, smiled her great smile again, let go of his hand and shot to the surface. 
Xander hung in the water for a few seconds digesting what had just happened.  Holding hands with Kristin, the jump and the kiss swirled over and over through his mind.  Especially the kiss... his first real kiss.  She must like him, too.  It sunk in -- he might have a girlfriend.  A flurry of bubbles escaped from his mouth as he said under water, “I, Xander Bookman, have a girlfriend!”  Much to the delight of both girls, a cheer erupted from his mouth as he finally surfaced.
“Let’s do it again!” Xander shouted.
The group spent the next half hour, jumping over and over.  Xander even jumped a couple of times by himself, but the first jump with Kristin rated the best, by far.


About The Book

Title: Kristin’s Ghost (The X+Y Files #2)
Author: Wayne A.D. Kerr
Genre: MG Paranormal Adventure
Night after night a strange apparition appears at Kristin’s bedside. Is it dangerous? Is the dancing spirit trying to send her a message?
When Xander and Yzzie discover that their friend is being haunted, the seventh graders make it their number one priority to solve the mystery of Kristin’s Ghost.
The truth will surprise them all!.

Author Bio

Wayne A D Kerr was born and raised in Canada, but has lived in the United States for the past twenty years.  When not writing or reading adventure novels, he is most likely hiking, biking or playing tennis.


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