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Book Excerpt from An Emerging Threat


Book Excerpt

 ETHAN PACED IN FRONT of the doors to the throne room, once again forced to wait. He had left Blash the task of putting together men and sup­plies for a larger expedition to weed out the un­seen enemy in the North. The brothers Rekin and Rylr had left the city to gather those men loyal to Ethan who had been sent home for the Spring har­vests.

  The door finally opened and he strode quickly into the shadowy hall. He instantly noticed the ad­dition of royal guardsmen, a full score lined the walls. His father remained seated like before and was in conversation with a tall robed figure. Bow­ing his respect of the office if not the man, Ethan moved to stand below the throne.
  The robed man turned at his approach and he recognized the thin face and scowl of Councilman Morcant. A sneer endeavored to pull the thin lips as he gave a slight bow to the prince. The three remained motionless for long seconds. Suddenly, the King bent forward and held out his gnarled hand for Ethan to take. Ethan, surprised by the gesture, gripped the hand.
  Using Ethan as support, Luitger pulled his shaking form up and stood glaring at his son, dark brows drawn together. “You dare to stand before me! My traitor of a son, your depravity shames me in my old age!” Casting away Ethan’s hand he bel­lowed, “You are no longer a son of mine! Go back to the hell you came from.”
  Ethan tried to speak, “My lord, I am unfairly accu…” The king interrupted him by spitting in his face. Wiping the wetness away, Ethan felt a twinge of fear and stepped back a couple paces as he glanced around him. The guards had moved closer, hands to weapons.
  Shaking his head, Luitger turned and accepted the proffered staff from Morcant. “You are not of this family any longer, never return.” So saying the King slowly left the room, helped by servants. Ethan stood as if turned to ice and watched his fa­ther leave. It was over, the finality and suddenness of it took his breath. He was no longer the son of a king, nor a son at all. He steeled himself against the feelings of pain and confusion that rattled through him.
  Breaking through his thoughts, Morcant whis­pered, “How did this happen I wonder?“ He paused, locking eyes with Ethan. “I may know something of it.” Ethan moved to shake what the man knew out of him, but was brought up short by the hafts of spears crossing his way. The guards now stood in a close ring around him, blank looks on their faces as they held weapons at the ready.
  Cackling, Morcant stepped forward and took his seat on the throne. The impudence of the act made Ethan want to scream. “How dare you, dog of a man! You are more a traitor tenfold for taking that seat!

About The Book

Title: An Emerging Threat
Author: Mark E. Lein
Genre: Fantasy
An evil stirs, casting a shadow across the Islands. Two men begin quests to find the source of the darkness. One (Oliver) is a young scholar, given no choice but to follow the path ahead. Tragedy shapes him, nearly driving him to despair; an inner struggle pervades his journey. The other (Ethan) is a warrior forced to the task through a sense of responsibility. His royal blood and his knighthood drive his course. Their searches, though separate, have the same goal: to find whatever or whoever may be responsible for the darkening of their world. This book tells the story of their journey and the creatures, both friend and foe, that they meet along the way. 

Author Bio

The author grew up in small towns across the country, spending most of his childhood in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains of Northwestern Arkansas. Throughout his life, his favorite books have been sci-fi and fantasy, anything Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Terry Brooks and a little Isaac Azimov. Graduating from college in 2004, he became an Army Infantry and Intelligence Officer and continues to serve to this day. While deployed to Iraq for 14 months back in 2007-09, he began writing with this book in mind. His civilian work includes Intelligence Analysis and providing expertise with military training programs. He now lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife of 9 years, Emily, and his three children, Oliver, Lucy, and Alexander.


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