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Book Excerpt from Ghost Writers


Book Excerpt

Now then, where did we leave it? Oh, yes, at the conclusion of New Mediumship – our second helping of this lung-sapping marathon of knowledge brought to you by Spirits Inc. And now, the end is near, and so we face the final episode (sorry, Frank) of our trilogy of hope for the future…for mankind …for the sake of true and unconditional love!
STOP right there! No more lovey-dovey nonsense; angels in heaven spreading their wings over our manically depressed flock; love and light all around us like some kind of halogen stalker; Archangel Metatarsal and his cosmic ramblings from a nicer Galaxy than ours… NO!
As before, we are not that kind of book. So, if you’ve just joined us and you don’t want to know the score, you can look away now. There are numerous self-help books aplenty that empower the notion that only positive thinking can save the world and they’re beautifully written. And they will make you feel good. But so will morphine – for a while. In actual fact, if you are living a life of extreme poverty, where just finding enough food to eat is a marathon in itself, then no amount of positive thinking alone can realistically break this ingrained mould. Nevertheless, a life borne through this means is no less important, nor valuable, than any life of material luxury. Of that, I can promise you.
To be fair, positive thinking is important to all of us. It can give someone living within extreme hardship the willpower to keep going; to feel a part of life itself and to feel love in its most powerful form. But it won’t necessarily get you a BMW.
This spiritual kick up the ass is simply a reminder to all of us that life is merely a test of our worth as individuals. There are many trapdoors set throughout our journey. This book will show you how to avoid falling down them. It will also show you that if you do fall down one, you can easily climb back up a more knowledgeable soul, and a more spiritual individual.

About the Book

Title: Ghost Writers
Author: David Shaw
Genre: Self Help
In this life-affirming book, author David Shaw explores ten major themes that affect us all – and offers a unique way to engage with them. Whether it’s fear or forgiveness, credence or clarity, materialism or acceptance, Shaw gives us the benefit of ten spiritual authors who pen their intriguing and stimulating words through him as modern parables.
In doing so, they offer us a steadying rudder in the choppy, often violent, sea of life’s cruelties and uncertainties.
Presenting an engaging and fascinating blend of fiction and non-fiction, Ghost Writers presents in a non-stuffy style information, whose light-hearted humour belies its powerful emotional punch.
So sit back, relax and share David’s absorbing, gripping and spellbinding journey of a lifetime – and beyond.

Author Bio

DAVID SHAW lives in Ayrshire with his wife, son, Labrador and a houseful of ghosts. When he is not writing books and magazine articles, David works as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and Reiki healer. But his biggest passion is working with his spirit guides and connecting this world with the spirit dimension.
His only real aspiration is to be accepted as an Average Joe, oh, and to maybe see his favourite football team, Kilmarnock, actually win a game!


Twitter: @sp_counsellor

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