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Book Excerpt from The Shadow of Loss


About The Book

Title: The Shadow of Loss
Author: Josefina Gutierrez
Genre: YA Realistic Fiction
Evelyn Gonzalez keeps losing people, which is always hard, but has she lost something much more?  Has she lost her soul?  Evelyn has a nervous breakdown and is institutionalized, after months of sorrow and pain she is thrust back into the world.  The world of teenage angst and Calculus.  But can she trust people again?  Especially after hurtful assumptions and judgments made her miss her junior year of high school.  Evelyn is just trying to heal what she lost and graduate from high school.

Author Bio

Josefina Gutierrez is a Young Adult eBook author and a forever student.  Josefina writes Young Adult Multicultural, Sci-fi, and Fantasy literature in her free time when she’s not embarking on adventures with her son and gnomes Fitzgerald and Bartholomew. Josefina’s current projects in the works are a New-Adult fiction eBook and a Fantasy dystopian eBook, the first in a series, due out in 2015.


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