woensdag 11 februari 2015

Book Review: Prime

Title: Prime
Author: Windsor Harries
Genre: Science-Fiction

Since birth, Toch has prepared for his destiny: to become the Prime, the being who would save his race from the oppressive Spidon. Perfected over uncountable generations, the genetic power that will free them lies dormant until he reaches maturity. Until then, with the help of his friend and Protector, he needs to stay hidden—and safe—from the Spidon.
Everything goes according to the Plan, until a traitor reveals the truth about Toch, putting the future of their entire race in danger . . .

This book is a novella. I expected it to be a full-length novel, so I was a little surprised when it ended sooner. But I loved the story and characters, so I can't complain. The book offers several original concepts, and great world building. Imagine being born with the weight of the world on your shoulders. That's what Torch has to go through every day. It offers an interesting perspective, and I liked the premise of the book. I look forward to reading more. 

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