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Book Excerpt from Bai Tide


 Book Excerpt

When I joined the CIA six years ago, I thought I’d be stationed overseas, chatting up diplomats at swanky parties and trawling for agents in seedy clubs. I never would’ve guessed I’d wind up shoeless with a medium rare back. Then again, between the smoke smudges on my face and the destroyed tuxedo, I supposed I bore a passing resemblance to James Bond after a chase scene. Assuming, of course, that James Bond was tall and Chinese.
Except I didn’t think James Bond would have had his ass handed to him by a Smurf, the only evidence of whom was a set of boot prints the high tide was smoothing into sad, soggy little valleys.
By the time I reached the Coronado, the high-pitched ringing in my ears was starting to drive me nuts. My back hurt and I knew my body would boast an astonishing array of bruises the next day, but I was otherwise fine. Chagrined and more than a little worried, but fine.
If I was just a security guard, I could consider my job well done having chased off the intruder. As an undercover counterintelligence operative, however, it was a matter of no little concern that I hadn’t caught and questioned the man who’d blown up a car to get away clean. I’d need to phone in to headquarters about this one and do a little digging, to say nothing of the inevitably unpleasant conversation I was going to have to have with Agnes about why I’d failed.
All that and a volleyball tournament next Friday. It was shaping up to be a busy week.

About the Book

Title: Bai Tide
Author: Erika Mitchell
Genre: Espionage Thriller
After the events of Blood Money, CIA case officer Bai Hsu is assigned to a high-security private school for what he’s told is an easy assignment. Just a few months after he arrives, a hostile operative with ties to North Korea tries to break in to a school event, with motives unknown.
As his investigation progresses, he unravels a plot that, if not stopped, will result in the untimely and murderous deaths of tens of millions of people.
Bai Tide is Bai’s greatest challenge yet. A mission that will take him from the windswept beaches of San Diego to a whiteout blizzard in the foothills of Pyongyang, and make him question everything he thought he knew about working in the field…and about himself.

Author Bio

Erika Mitchell was born in Orange County, California to a published author and an Anarchist’s Cookbook aficionado. She moved to Seattle, Washington as a freshman in high school, where she promptly realized she owned just one pair of pants and that was going to be a problem in a place with an actual winter.
She graduated from Northwest University in 2003 with a degree in Psychology, which she has yet to use. After a brief foray into technical recruiting (a disaster), she found her calling as a writer and, wonder of wonders, was actually able to find a job where someone paid her to do just that as a blogger.
Blogging turned into writing novels, where Erika has found her niche in the espionage and thriller genre.
Erika currently resides in a small suburb outside Seattle with her husband and two children.


Author website:
Author Twitter account: @ParsingNonsense

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