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Book Excerpt from Simmering

Book Excerpt

Chapter 6

Day 3
What the hell am I doing wrong?
I have done everything but take them by the hand and lead them into the room. This isn’t going to work...this was a stupid idea. So far, they had been very polite and a couple had even stopped by to check and see how she was doing. They would knock on the door, open it and stand in the doorway.
Yes, I’m fine. No, I don’t need anything. Thank you for asking. Do you have any good stories that you would like to share? Oh, no, thank you ma’am. Not quite yet, ma’am, but I’m working on it, ma’am.
Jesus, this is getting me nowhere.
Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m just not…whatever.
Maybe I should have Ms. Fake Boobs come and pay them a visit. Maybe she could bend over just right, show them enough cleavage and the stories would just pop out of their overly polite mouths.
A shadow crossed the window and her heart skipped a beat. This was it, this was going to be her first. I don’t even know what I am supposed to call them.
My first client…God no, that makes me sound like a hooker.
Storyteller isn’t right either.
She waited in expectation, her breath held.
Don’t talk too much.
Shut up Mom, I got this already. When the knock didn’t come, she let out the held breath and felt despair begin to rear its ugly head. Of course. The rolling timbre of male voices in the hall caught her attention. She straightened and cocked her ear towards the door to hear the words better.
It sounded like his voice. Was he the reason they were staying away from her? Was he sabotaging her? She felt herself on the verge of tears and anger. I will not cry. She tilted her head back and tried to keep them from tearing up. Her hand fanned air across her face and her vision became less of a blurry nightmare.
She quietly crept towards the door and put her ear against the door.
“I don’t care if she doesn’t want to, if she’s going to be here with us, in my station, then she’s going to get her little ass out here and eat with us. You can tell her I said that and tell her that it isn’t an option.”
“Okay Cap.”
What the?!?
Hey, he said I had a little ass.
For some reason, that made her start to giggle. Oh God, he’s coming to knock on the door.
The sound of thunder rattled the insides of her head and she stumbled back against the desk, off balance and out of control, she rolled and landed in a slack side-saddle position in the chair.  In her attempt to balance herself,  her leg had ended up over the arm rest and the other had somehow gotten underneath that leg; her blouse was pushed up at a suggestively odd angle and her hand was in a death grip over the top. Her hair splayed at an angle, reminiscent of a suicidal trapeze artist in the midst of a fall. Oh God, oh God. The chair was off balance and close to going over backwards. Please, please, please, don’t open that door. 
She saw the door knob turn and her world slowed. Moments hung in the air like birds in mid-flight. This was going to be the worst moment in her entire life.
She smiled just to spite herself. At least I can go with a smile.
The door began to open and her entire world came into balance, literally and figuratively. The chair hung in perfect balance and there she was, riding it side-saddle, with her blouse pulled up too high and a psychotic “Come play with me” grin on her face.
I will not breathe…
Maybe he won’t notice.
The last thought made her start to giggle again…maybe he won’t notice…a stomach crunching silent giggle of moderate hysteria. She didn’t dare move. Her eyes followed as the door opened and the fresh, bright face of Firefighter Smith came into view. His eyebrows shot up, his mouth opened and a look of total confusion framed his face.
Yea…bet you’re wondering what the heck is going on right about now, aren’t you?
He worked his mouth as he tried to find the words…up, down, up, down. He looks like a fishy. Finally, it stopped and the poor, confused guy spit out the only word that would come to mind.
“Hey…” he said and she thought there would be more, but after a moment went by without another sound, she decided she better answer him back.
“Hey…” she said and felt the balance of the chair teeter. She saw as his eyes tried to take in the entire scene and out of simple politeness came back to rest on her face. Men have no idea what women do when we are alone.
“Um…the Captain says you are invited to dinner…and no was not an acceptable answer…and I was supposed to drag you out there if you didn’t come,” he said and looked like he was about to say more.
Invited to dinner? Invited…Okay, wasn’t expecting that and he said I had a little ass. How can a girl pass that up?
“Okay…just give me a sec and I’ll be right out…” she said through her clenched teeth and psychotic smile. For God’s sake, stop smiling!
If I stop smiling, I am going to crash to the floor.
You’re going to crash to the floor anyway.
Yea, but not in front of him…
“Be right there…” she said in a way and tone that suggested it was time for him to shut her door. The firefighter shut the door and she could only imagine the horrendous noise the poor guy heard as the chair went over. As hard and awkward as she hit the ground, it was a wonder that she hadn’t killed herself, but like a leopard’s belly, full of chipmunks, she sprang up onto her feet in a weird kind of Kung Fu fighting stance. The door flew open and the concerned firefighter stepped through the threshold of her office.
Hey, I have my first official visitor…
And that makes ONEFIREFIGHTER…HAHAHAHAHA. This time her mental voice sounded like the Count from Sesame Street. I am so losing my mind…maybe I hit my head. 
He brought his hand up in a reflexive Combative karate guard position and he winced as if she was going to round house kick him in the head.
“Ma’am…are you…?”  Oh dear sweet God. You poor man.
“Yep, just fine…I said I would be out in a second,” she said and the poor guy made a hasty retreat from the Crouching Tiger’s hidden den.
Oh sweet baby Jesus…
I am such a freak!
As the door closed, she felt the maniacal smile leave her face and she dropped her hands down from her Ninja Fighting Stance.
Well, that went well. Hmmm…okay then. Well, it smells like they’re having pasta for dinner. She forced her feet to move and she smoothed down her hair.
This sucks so badly.
At least it can’t get any worse.
Oh, don’t count on that Mom…Never count on that.
She prayed that she wouldn’t end up seated across from Firefighter Smith. Please God, just give me this one break. God, of course, answered her plea and sat him right next to her instead.
Dinner was fantastic and the conversation was easy and filled with lots of well-meant banter. They let her engage in conversation and included her in their interactions. When she asked a question, they returned with the exchange of simple dialog. In all, it wasn’t too bad. She had had dates that had gone much worse than that.
Her body was beginning to ache. I am so going to pay for this in the morning.
At the end of the night, though, she knew her story log would still remain empty. 

About the Book

Title: Simmering
Author: S.E. Rise
Genre: Erotic Romance
Who would you rather find in your bedroom, a steamy hose-wielding fireman or a dangerously obsessed ex-boyfriend? What if you found both?  Romance writer Allison Fairchild is growing frustrated with her first attempt at Erotica until she reads a well-timed magazine article. What working man makes the best lover? The article sparks an idea and her eyes are irresistibly drawn to the top-ranked firemen just across the street. It might be coincidence or driven by fate but it is all the motivation she needs.
  Ali has herself assigned to a firehouse and is committed to doing her job; getting incredible sex stories from actual firefighters and, in the process, try not to become one. At least that’s her intention until she meets the Captain, a by-the-rules professional with an enticing off-duty wild streak. Ali and the Captain put their wills to the test to resist the chemistry heating up between them. But unbeknownst to Ali, her cheating ex-boyfriend has set his eyes upon her again and if he can’t have her, no one can.

Author Bio

Erotic and Horror author, S.E.Rise attended Austin Peay University on a track scholarship. Later in life, he became a Captain of an ALS Ambulance in 1996. On his off time, he enjoys salmon fishing and strives to do the impossible. He now lives in Alaska with his wife and children but in 2007, he published his first novel and continues to write gripping and enticing stories which leave readers breathless.


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