woensdag 27 mei 2015

Book Review From Frights to Flaws

Title: From Frights to Flaws
Author: Sunayna Prasad
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

    Twelve-year-old Alyssa McCarthy is sick of her uncle’s unfair rules and longs for a better life. After discovering the existence of magic, she finds out about a dark wizard hunting her down. An unforgettable storm occurs in Alyssa’s ordinary New Jersey town before the sorcerer kidnaps her to the Fiji Islands.
On the enchanted island of Yanowic, Alyssa learns that she is unable to get out of the country due to a giant shield. She must defeat some dangerous creatures and the evil wizard in order to leave. But with sorcerers and magical technology getting in her way, can Alyssa succeed?

"From Frights to Flaws" moves fast, and twelve-year-old Alyssa McCarthy finds herself on the adventure of a lifetime soon enough, escaping from her uncle's unfair rules. Said uncle, mind you, isn't all bad though - he means well, he's just a little rigid. A dark wizard is hunting don Alyssa and kidnaps her to the island of Yanowic, near the Fiji Islands. 

The story is entertaining, but the characters don't always make believable choices. Sometimes things seem to go a little too easy for Alyssa. 

I liked the book though, and I'm sure kids won't mind! 

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