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Book Excerpt Taxi Driver to Doctor


Book Excerpt

Wow, from this I mentally fell apart. A final but very forceful blow had all but wiped out my confidence and self-esteem. Here I was with a worsening bout of asthma, and the misfit, berated by the course convenors and disowned by my workplace colleagues. How could I work there anymore? What would I do now? How could I go on? All these questions were flashing through my mind, and then strike three hit!
My supervisor rang me up and asked a question and then delivered via phone a notice of discontent that the consultancies and contractors figures in the annual report had to be changed, and it was not good enough. However, we will deal with that on your return. I collapsed on the floor, emotionally exhausted, sobbing like a whimpering child, huddled within the refuge of my body confinements, totally defeated and now accepting that death could be an alternative. I managed to keep it together without letting on my sheer dismay and condition, and travelled to the airport in such a state of confusion that I went to the wrong terminal.

By the next morning I was withdrawn and introverted in my thinking, that on my return from the shops I had decided that the garage was the place I would do it, and so went to open the garage door, only to again break down and fall onto the concrete where my wife found me and immediately called for help. The doctor advised her over the phone what to do, and she immediately sought counsel for my condition. I had had enough, death was a clear alternative, and then the suffering would be finished with. I was to immediately attend counselling and was at the doctor’s Monday morning, breathing heavily, frothing through the mouth and in a very agitated state of mind. I was a wreck; so much of a wreck that my wife took immediately took me away from Canberra. But before she did that she rang my supervisor and provided notice that I had collapsed and was in no fit state on Doctor’s orders to be at work, and that a return was definitely not imminent.

 I have no recollection of how we got to Merimbula, but we did. I was told to shower and be in full view of my wife at all times. Here I was on suicide watch! I remember clearly having an out of body experience during this time where I could feel myself floating above us on the foreshore, and I could see my bald head and jacket. There was some sandwiches that hadn’t been eaten scattered around and to this day I am uncertain as to what this all meant. If it meant anything at all!

Here I was in a state of absolute confusion as to the why? I wasn’t anywhere in a state for logical thinking processes to be deployed, or at the stage of determining what was going on. But the hatred had set in and I had a list in my mind of one hundred people that I hated. How these times must have been so confronting for my wife. How did she cope? How did Glenys find the inner strength and stay the journey? As during this time I was oblivious to everything around me, on sedatives and drugged to the eyeballs.

How far had I fallen at this stage? I have no recollection of thinking like that. My thoughts were all over the place and I suffered exhaustion at walking a few hundred metres. What was going on here? How could this happen to me? Where to from now? Confusion, confusion and more confusion. I am not sure how long we stayed there, but it was a time where I acted on command, with no thought process. Was I mentally wiped out? Why was I so confused? Was this my mind saying, “Enough of the persecution, and was the persecution really

About the Book

9781742845159_FrontTitle: Taxi Driver to Doctor
Author: Derek J. Ambrose
Genre: Biography / Inspirational
The journey of an ordinary person with learning constraints, disease affected rising to the top of personal and academic achievement, against considerable odds. A story of persistence, commitment and dedication.

Author Bio

The Author is one of Australia’s many achievers. His achievements in academia and social are to be admired considering the lowly start to life. He has achieved at the highest academic, business and social levels engaging with many diversities.


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