vrijdag 4 december 2015

Promo Post Sebastian Cork


About the Book

9781742845265_FrontTitle: Sebastian Cork
Author: Neal Davies
Genre: Thriller
Sebastian Cork – Sebastian Cork is a noted Psychologist at the pinnacle of his career, but as he fast approaches sixty he finds himself drifting and lacking enthusiasm. Things change when an unforseen event places him in the slums of the most sinister side of town in search of a killer.

Author Bio

Neal Davies- Neal Davies is a retired Family and relationship counsellor as well as an already accomplished Author. Before he began writing fiction he had written numerous self-help books focusing on communication within families and adolescents. His first fictional novel was Benworden, which is an adventure novel for family, children, and teens.
Growing up as a child Neal loved the murder mystery classics, especially Arthur Conan Doyle’s, Sherlock Holmes. His dream of creating his own unique character become a reality on completion of Sebastian Cork Forget Me Not and he has already begun writing a sequel.


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