zaterdag 23 januari 2016

Book Review You Think This is a Game?

Title: You Think This is a Game?
Author: Bernard Maestas
Genre: Young Adult Thriller
Wisecracking smartasses Ted and Alex are an elite army of two, fighting for fortune under the banner of their private military corporation Reagan Kirwan International. MIT-trained computer hacker and engineer Ted is the brains. Freerunning ex-French Foreign Legion commando is the brawn. With their unique combination of skills, they are in high demand on the blurry and ever-changing modern battlefields.
When oil is struck in a Somalian province, two titans of the energy industry collide head-on over the lucrative rights. The result is a war which rages both in the boardrooms and on the already bloody sands.
Hired for the simple task of tipping the scales, Ted and Alex’s mission takes a dangerous and deadly turn. They learn they are not the only trump cards in play and, this time, they may be on the wrong side. Facing the most dangerous of adversaries, constant perils, and treacherous corporate politics, they must stand together if they want to survive – and, more importantly, collect their paychecks.
Because war is a two-player co-op and all they have is each other.

Review: Ted and Alex are two wisecracking smartasses, Ted being the brain behind their operation, and Alex providing the force and military skills. This time there's a war going on between two industy giants who both want to get their hands on oil. It's a thrilling, suspenseful book, and once I started reading, I couldn't stop. Amazing how well the author manages to pull this off. The plot is complicated, not in the way you'd break your head over it but in the way that it's unpredictable.

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