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Book Excerpt Big Mike and Minnie On The Run

Book Excerpt

Thirty minutes later, the four of them - Minnie, her cat Boots, Big Mike and the dead TDR biker - were crammed into the elevator. Minnie punched the button for the lobby and then retreated to the corner furthest from the body, holding Bootsie’s mauve cat carrier in front of her. Big Mike had wrapped the dead TDR biker in her favorite blue-and-white, flower-patterned toile duvet and had him hoisted over his shoulder. She looked away, fixing her attention on the number display above the elevator doors. The doors started to slide shut-
“Hold the elevator,” a breathless voice sounded from outside.
Big Mike cursed at the same time she did. Minnie dropped Bootsie’s carrier and leapt to the control panel, jabbing the close—the-doors button hard. Bootsie meowed in protest. The doors were almost shut when the gold tip of an ebony cane appeared in the gap. The doors slid open to reveal Mrs Garvin. She was about half Minnie’s height and was always immaculately turned out with white upswept hair and carmine tinted mouth and nails. Today, she was wearing a neat navy trouser suit with a jaunty, outsized red peony brooch on the right lapel.
“Sorry, I must have hit the wrong button,” Minnie lied, retreating as Mrs Garvin forged inside, tapping her stick on the floor. Minnie scooped up Bootsie’s carrier and went to stand behind Big Mike. She tried to keep her eyes fixed between his shoulder blades and away from the duvet-shrouded shape now only inches from her. She was sure the eye-level round mass under the duvet, was the dead biker’s lolling head.
Big Mike reached forward and punched the ground floor button repeatedly even though it was already lit. The elevator doors seemed to take an achingly long time to slide shut.
Mrs Garvin smiled. “Our Beautiful Minnie! Home again! Lovely. And this is your young man?”
“Mrs Garvin, this is Bi-“
“I’m Michael Williams, Ma’am,” Big Mike said, swinging around and giving Mrs Garvin’s outstretched fingers a perfunctory clutch with his left hand. The duvet-clad corpse hit the side of the elevator with a dull thunk.
“What a lovely peony brooch!” Minnie shrieked, to cover up the sound.   
“You don’t recognize it, Minnie? Darling girl, you gave it to me. From your Vogue shoot. She’s so generous. A good girl, as kind as she is beautiful,” Mrs Garvin said, aiming the latter at Big Mike. “A keeper.” He kept his eyes trained on the number display, watching it count down.
Minnie didn’t remember the brooch - she gave most of her booty from her photo shoots away to her neighbors.
Minnie blinked, hardly believing her eyes. A lifeless arm was now hanging out of the bottom of the duvet. She instantly pressed herself up against Big Mike’s back. He jumped like a startled bobcat. She realized the dead hand was sandwiched between their bodies, clutching at his buttocks. Oh God, he thinks I’m groping him.

About the Book

ON THE RUN1410x2250Title: On The Run
Author: Susan Amanda Kelly
Genre: Romance / Adventure / Comedy
Minerva Coolidge, a top east coast lingerie model, has been ordered home to the west coast by her over-protective, occasionally psychotic family. Daddy’s outlaw motorcycle club is embroiled in a war and Minnie is too valuable a pawn to leave in play. But Minnie refuses to give up her new life. She’s about to star in the biggest fashion show of her career. Her brother asks an old army friend, Big Mike, to guard her until they can fetch her home. Minnie thinks Big Mike is too big, too muscled, too tattooed, too tough… too everything. He’s exactly the kind of man she moved across country to escape; the kind who thinks he knows what’s best for her; the kind who doesn’t belong in her glossy, perfect, new life; the kind she shouldn’t want…
Big Mike thinks keeping a nitwit fashion model safe long enough to hand her over to her family should be easy for an ex-biker, ex-Special Forces commander who outweighs his charge by at least one-hundred-and-fifty pounds. Except the pretty nitwit isn’t a nitwit. Each time he takes his eyes off her, she flees, plunging headlong into trouble. Big Mike quickly realizes he doesn’t want to take his eyes – or his hands – off Minnie Coolidge…

Author Bio

SusanKellyB&WCroppedMediumSusan Amanda Kelly loves making up stuff in her head. She drives her husband to distraction by suddenly stopping, mid-conversation, and staring off into space. She once spent five hours at sea, on a boat, muttering: “Where would he hide the body?” She hopes the video footage of that trip has been wiped. She finally decided to put the characters that inhabit her head, onto paper. It was like opening the door on a lunatic asylum… glorious bedlam. She hopes her readers come to love her characters as much as she does. She writes funny romantic adventures. And her husband is convinced her male leads are based on him. Not the body-hiding psychopath, of course.


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