dinsdag 21 juni 2016

Book Review A Family War

Title: A Family War
Author: Stewart Hotston
Genre: Science Fiction

Helena is one of the Oligarchs, genetically-enhanced, centuries old families who rule the world. As a new world war begins, she is ordered to find a boy who could save the human race from genocide. Yet all is not as it seems; Helena’s finds enemies on all sides, intent on bringing about the war with all its horrific consequences. To make matters worse, Helena’s own integral AI, accidentally freed from its constraints, challenges both her motives and her identity, yet she has no choice but to accept its treacherous aid if she is to have any hope of surviving those who need her dead.

The future looks a little bleak... Helena is part of the Oligarchs. They look human, but are genetically enhanced, so better, stronger than regular humans. A world war is pending, and there's little hope of averting it, except for one boy - but can Helena trust the people around her, and can she trust her own integral AI?

The world isn't fully mapped out, leaving plenty to the reader's imagination. Helena is an interesting, strong, well-developed character. A compelling plot and fast pace make this scifi novel an outstanding read.

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