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Book Excerpt Chaos Rising

Book Excerpt

“Let’s go!” Avaris said with determination. Suddenly a red glow sizzled and crackled around the thigh bone in Avaris’ hand. He looked at Lekiah and Renaul, nodded once, and then shouted out a war cry as he rushed headlong down the corridor toward the fight.“You’ll both need to tie those around your forehead to cover the scars.” Lekiah handed one strip to Renaul and tied the other around his head. A gleam of understanding appeared in the slave boy’s eyes and he, too, tied the cloth around his forehead.“Kintara and Kahn Devin were able to talk in both languages…” Avaris looked down the corridor as a particularly loud crack sounded and rubble and dust filled the air again. He handed a knife to Lekiah; “cut two strips of cloth off the bottom of your robe,” he said. Lekiah gave him a questioning look, but set down his bow and quickly made a small cut in the cloth and tore off a couple strips.“I don’t know anything about these people,” Lekiah said slowly, “but the three warlocks who visited the mine while I was there could all speak our language.” Avaris nodded and thought about it.“It’s crazy,” Avaris said, “but Renaul might be right.” Now Lekiah raised his eyebrow in surprise. He was brave, but this was probably suicide—and if they died, nobody could help Kalisha. “I have a plan; we just have to hope one of them knows our language.”“I think he wants us to rush into to the battle,” Lekiah said with uncertainty. Avaris raised a questioning eyebrow at Lekiah, and then watched Renaul a little more. He definitely seemed to be indicating the three of them should go into the heart of the battle.Renaul began saying something and gesturing. He pointed at each of them and then down toward the battle. It took a few minutes to understand his meaning; at least Lekiah thought he understood.“I thought I was supposed to wait to use bone and fire until after you’d killed a couple of them,” Avaris replied. Lekiah lowered the bow in frustration. “We need another plan.” He looked down the corridor that led to the study. He could barely make out the sturdy door on the far side. Kalisha was so close, and still he could do nothing for her. What was happening to her behind that door? Was she being tortured? It was torturing him not knowing. He felt like rushing forward and just…what? He could fight warriors, but not warlocks, witches, and necromancers. He still remembered how helpless he was to save his tribe when Kahn Devin attacked.“I can’t see well enough,” Lekiah said. He held the bow in front of him, arrow notched and string pulled back to his right ear. “Can you do something to light it up a bit?”

About the Book

Chaos Rising Cover Title: Chaos Rising
Author: Perry Morris
Genre: Fantasy
The Lemurian Chronicles by Perry Morris is an epic fantasy that began in 2015 with the publication of Children of the Blessing.  Readers all over the world have been enthralled with the gripping tale of Renn and Avaris—two boys who were marked by the gods to become powerful magic users.  Chaos Rising, the eagerly anticipated second book of the Lemurian Chronicles, continues the exciting epic story.
Avaris travels into the heart of the Cragg Caves—the home of horrifying beasts, warlocks and demons—to rescue his sister and best friend from slave labor in the mines deep underground.  But getting out of the caves alive is only the beginning of his troubles as he is hunted by an army of evil magic users and blood thirsty beasts who have been given the assignment to kill him before he learns to fully use his powers.
Renn (Demaris) is studying at the castle on Elder Island under the watchful eye and protection of the lore masters.  But a traitor is in their midst who is being blackmailed by Shamael Daro, the new Grand Warlock, to carry out a single task—eliminate Renn.
Shamael’s power has increased significantly since taking on the mantle of Grand Warlock and he discovers the dark secret of how the most powerful Grand Warlock of all time, Nefarian Drakkas, nearly took total control of Lemuria more than two thousand years ago.  He uses this secret to create a group of soulless, magic using spies and killers to do his bidding.  His plan is simple; create chaos across the land so the dark forces of the Aven lore can destroy those who follow the gods of light once and for all.

Author Bio

Perry was born and raised in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area. He is very happily married and has seven wonderful children and one grand-daughter. Perry works for a large, publically traded, international company in Provo, Utah, where he manages supplier management, procurement and packaging engineering functions.  His first exposure to the great world of fantasy literature was, of course, J.R.R Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, when he was fourteen. After that, he read the books of Patricia McKillap, Terry Brooks, David Eddings, Stephen R. Donaldson, etc…Currently his favorite author is Brandon Sanderson. He loves the unique and interesting magic systems Brandon creates, the memorable characters and interesting stories.

Perry is an author every day for an hour during lunch. He actually began writing the Lemurian Chronicles in 1993, and after more than two decades of rewrites, editing, re-editing, etc… finally decided to “take the plunge” and publish his epic fantasy. Don’t worry; each additional installment will be released no more than eighteen months to two years apart.
Thanks for you interest in Perry and his works.


Author website:  www.perrymorris.net
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