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Book Excerpt The Color of Love

Book Excerpt

As I walk down the aisle, I can feel my legs quivering with every step. My teeth are chattering, and tears are dancing under my eyelids, but I can’t mess up this flawless makeup—not today.
Mike is at the altar waiting for me. Even though he’s smiling, I can tell he’s extra nervous. His fingers are wrestling with each other behind his back, but he doesn’t notice. He does that any time he
has too much on his mind. He is everything a woman could ask for.
Tall, with a Greek-k god physique, handsome, and funny—the list could go on and on, but there are only twenty-four hours in a day.
I couldn’t dream of a more perfect time to have a wedding.
The sky is clear enough to mimic the ocean itself, and the sun is at its highest point. A slight breeze comes through and picks up the scent of the daisies throughout the terrace. We have eighteen
different types of daisies at the wedding. Even my bouquet is an overdose of mixed colors and sizes that don’t really mesh well, but I don’t care. Some of them had to be shipped from a different country, but it is well worth it. They all represent a part of me. I have to learn to love some, and some are just now coming into full bloom.
A normal wedding would have roses, a flower girl, a ring bearer—but we have none of that. I’m surprised we even have a priest.

About the Book

51016500_Kindle Ready Front Cover JPEG_6233155Title: The Color of Love
Author: Ty Mitchell
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Daisy, a struggling artist working as a bartender in Los Angeles, wants to use Mike’s connections in the art world.
Mike, not accustomed to rejection, wants to use Daisy to prove to his friends that he is man enough for the ultimate conquest.
So when Mike cozies up to Daisy, she doesn’t reject his advances. But both are surprised when ulterior motives fall by the wayside, and they find themselves entangled in feelings they never expected. Daisy must decide where her heart is leading her—and if she wants to follow.

Author Bio

Author PicTy Mitchell is an American freelance writer who writes about life and relationships on his blog, The-VPF.com, and publications such as Elite Daily.
What-if moments inspire Mitchell’s writing, as he explores the different turns his life could have taken if he had made different decisions.
Mitchell enjoys drawing and writing short stories, novels, and screenplays. He happily lives with his Sicilian wife, newborn son, and German-born beagle.


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