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Book Excerpt Mirror, Mirror

Book Excerpt

“Oh. I do love getting it on on a couch. Especially a low-slung one, where the guy can use the floor for leverage, ramming it—What?”
Adelle lifted her hand, palm out. “I have absolutely no desire to hear about your fantasies.”
“Who said anything about fantasy? You wanna know how many times I’ve banged a guy on a couch?”
Vivienne sniffed. “Probably more than you have.”

About the Book

Young girl in a white dressTitle: Mirror, Mirror
Author: Tami Lund
Genre: Paranormal
Adelle Hendrix doesn’t believe in hocus pocus. She doesn’t believe in happily ever after, either. So when she sees her best friend, Ben Jackson, in a supposedly enchanted mirror, she decides she’s not the crazy one, the loony old gypsy woman who showed her the mirror is.
Except that crazy old woman won’t leave her alone, and the more frequently she and her jack-o-lantern with the ever-changing carved faces show up, the more Adelle begins to wonder… Are she and Ben meant to be more than friends?
This book is not meant to be read by readers who are looking for a serious, boring read with a tragic ending. Only fans of funny and everlasting romance should pick this one up.

Author Bio

Tami Lund Headshot 2014Tami Lund writes. And drinks wine. She also loves romance, and is writing happily ever afters, one book at a time.
Tami writes paranormal and contemporary romance, often with a dose of suspense. Chances are, there is a new book coming out soon. Be sure to stalk her on social media, so you know when.
And most important, if you enjoyed one of Tami’s books, please let other readers know by leaving a review on the site from which you bought it. Otherwise, how will they know which book to read next?
Social Media Links:
Tami’s started a Facebook group, which highlights a different author each month, and is designed to give readers a chance to get to know authors, not just get the “hard sell:” https://www.facebook.com/groups/WineWithTami/
Follow Tami on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TamiLundAuthor
Enjoy Tami’s visual inspiration on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/TamiLundAuthor/
And if you want to keep up with the latest and greatest, signup for Tami’s monthly newsletter: http://www.subscribepage.com/Tami_Lund
If you follow Tami’s Amazon author page, you’ll get an email when a new book releases: Amazon Author Page
Website (there’s a free read available only here, oh, and she blogs here, too!): http://tamilund.com
Oh, yeah, Instagram, too: https://instagram.com/tamilundauthor/


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