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Book Excerpt Dystortions: 100 Hues of Purple

Book Excerpt

Addy and Sean O’Malibul were living on a planet called Malaprop, strikingly similar to a planet Malapropians would come to know through garbled, distorted radio transmissions as Hearth. For an observer peering into this world, it might seem as if just before reaching a true mind-melding climax of being sucked into a believable alternate reality obviously influenced by Hearthlings, the string of like-minded thoughts would unravel. Everything was just a bit off on Malaprop, with logic and proportion sometimes spinning backwards.
            After a magical first year of marriage and professional success, reaching a pinnacle of personal fulfillment, Addy was about to be spun through layers of humiliation to the lowest of lows. She soon would come to imagine herself a trifling pawn on what she envisioned as some sort of grand chessboard – the foundation of surreptitiously manipulative forces in a universe where the lessons of history are destined to be repeated over and over again with each chemical evolution of life and the introduction of separate but equally brilliant and maddeningly moronic human interventions.
            Addy hated to think she might be caught up in a Hearthling drama – one where so much of what was influencing her world was happening off-stage, far from the view of Malapropians.
            Forced into a metamorphosis that might just force her to fly across chasms of space and faith, at least mentally, Addy tried to feed her head with hopeful dreams on an increasingly surrealistic pillow – as if she’d just ingested some kind of psychedelic mushroom to deny reality, but the foreboding drumbeat of defeat would make her feel small against the backdrop of the cosmos.
            The blissful charm that was Addy’s and Sean’s could not be maintained forever. Try as one might to sustain sameness when things appeared to be going well – change always would be the only constant in the universe. Change would have to be inherent in the nature of an O’Malibul. In many ways, Addy and Sean were living an illusion of overly optimistic middle class comfort, naively teetering on the edge of disaster, with no safety net, one step away from financial ruin should any piece of their hastily constructed life together become disconnected. The circumstance of owning a modest townhouse oddly would be Addy’s downfall.

About the Book

dystortions-eimage-coverTitle: Dystortions: 100 Hues of Purple
Author: Lisa Pell
Genre: Scifi / Mystery
Dystortions: 100 Hues of Purple is a tale of mystery, murder, and love in a parallel universe, with a bit of humor. Addy O’Malibul is a former journalist who is convicted of murder and imprisoned on a planet called Malaprop, strikingly similar to Earth, but with a few twists and many Dystortions in translations of data transmissions from a planet known as Hearth. Glitched up radio communications are bombarding Malaprop – a world where fearful national security analysts, politicians, and P.R. flacks re-write history and distort facts to recreate their reality in Hearth’s image. The Dystortions in those radio communications sometimes appear to twist words backwards and create opposite meanings, but maybe also reveal underlying truths.
There’s just enough good science and wacked-out myth-busting to make the story hauntingly credible – and enough saucy romance to keep things hot. It’s much warmer and more colorful than any shades of grey.

Author Bio

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAABOUT LISA PELL: An award-winning former newspaper, radio, and television journalist, Pell has spent most of her career in the communications business. Her critically acclaimed first novel, Who’s Your Daddy, Baby? (Aberdeen Bay, 2012), was selected for a Virginia Federation of Press Women award. Born in North Carolina, Pell was raised in Virginia, is a graduate of George Mason University, and attended Harvard Business School. She has strong roots in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia, and has lived in Tennessee and West Virginia, where she covered news stories in Kentucky and southern Ohio. Connoisseurs of well-told stories, rock ‘n’ roll music, impressionist art, golf, tennis, oysters, and fun people, Pell and her husband, the self-styled Agent Provocateur, JonRe Pell, live in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C.

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