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Book Excerpt Domme Experience

Book Excerpt

“Please put this on, then light some candles in the bathroom.”  I handed Sam the slave tunic that I’d purchased.

Sam put on the simple garment, then scrambled to find the thick candles, placed them around the tub and on the window sills, and light them.  Then, he turned off the electric lights, rendering the room into a romantic cave with flickering orange lights.

I got undressed in the closet, selected some bubble bath and sprinkled it into the tub, then stepped into the water; the temperature was perfect!

“You may bathe me, Slave.”  I handed Sam a washcloth and pointed to the body wash.  He smiled, sat on the side of the tub, and began on my shoulders and back.  I knelt so that he could wash lower, and turned around, so he could wash my front.

Then, I laid back in the tub, and lifted each leg, in turn, so Slave could wash them.  It was luxurious, feeling the softness of the bubble bath, and Slave’s caresses with the wash cloth.

Finally, I stood, so Slave could wash my privates.  When he had finished with the wash cloth, he put his hand under me.  “May I, Goddess?”

I decided to tease Sam a little; I would be doing a lot of that over the next week.  “You may get me started, Slave.”

As I faced away from him, Sam reached between my legs and let his hand slide up, until his fingers were lifting my hood and gliding alongside my clit.  I let myself drift, closing my eyes and envisioning some of the things I had planned for Slave Sam.

It only took a couple of minutes.  “That’s enough, Slave.  Stand in the corner, hands on hips.  You may watch your Goddess rise to the heights of ecstasy.”

Laying back in the tub, with only my head sticking out of the bubbles, I closed my eyes, and did myself, making only small movements, and taking the time to savor the bath … and having my own slave.

I would be letting Slave satisfy me in a while, but I decided to put on a little show.  I slowly moved my body, contorting, my legs out of the water, then back in, my hands below the bubbles, presumably working on my sensitive spots.

But actually, I was pretending, faking it.  I wondered whether Sam would be able to tell?  Although my motions were exaggerated, and I wasn’t touching myself ‘there’, I really was turned-on.

After several minutes of increasingly erotic movements, I arched my back,  let my eyes open and roll back into their sockets, and screamed.  Sam knew I normally didn’t scream having sex, but I thought I’d given him a pretty convincing performance.  I let my body slip below the water, again.

Hearing some soft whimpering, I opened my eyes:  Sam was in position, but his eyes were closed.  “Is there a problem, Slave?”

Sam’s eyes snapped open, and he shook his head.  Then, he smiled crookedly, and said, “I was getting a little excited, watching Goddess.  And this thing,” he pointed down to the C&B device, “hurts.”

I chuckled, “Suck it up, Slave.”

Then, I remembered the chocolate.  “Slave!  Please go downstairs and open a nice Port, and bring the bottle and one glass up here.  You can also bring the chocolate bar that’s on the bed.”  Sam raised his eyebrows and smiled, then hurried off.  I thought how nice this treatment would be on my birthday, in addition to our traditional spanking.

Slave re-appeared, and poured a glass of Port.  Then, he opened the chocolate, broke off a square, and held it out; I opened my mouth, and he popped it in.  I savored the flavor, letting the slightly bitter dryness coat my tongue.  Then, I took a sip … several sips … of the luscious wine.

“You may stand in the corner again, Slave.  But face away from me.  That way, I can admire the hearts and stripes, and you won’t have to suffer with that cage.”  The pattern of thin white stripes on the backs of his legs from the switch and red marks on his butt from the heart-shaped crop made a nice touch, but I couldn’t see them in the darkness of the candle light.

I would call Slave, when I was ready for more chocolate or Port.  The candles were flickering, with glossy streaks of wax dripping down their sides.

Seeing that, and remembering Sam in position on the bed, gave me an idea for an activity for tomorrow.  One that I hadn’t originally planned.

Yes, this was going to be an interesting week!

About the Book

Title: Domme Experience

Author: Simone Freier

Genre: Erotic Romance

Beyond    50    Shades    …    Way    Beyond!

DOMME    EXPERIENCE    is    an    intimate    exploration    of    kinks    and    fetishes    by    an    unlikely    couple,    with    thoughtful    and    philosophical    discussion    by    the    characters,    and    graphic    descriptions    of    their    erotic    adventures.
Kelly    takes    the    upper    hand    –    in    a    manner    of    speaking    –    exhibiting    her    dominant    side,    and    impressing    her    parents    and    Sam,    as    roles    are    reversed.

Her    formal    training    as    a    dominatrix    leads    to    new    and    unexpected    experiences    for    Sam.        Kelly    and    Sam    explore    new    cultures,    and    enjoy    further    adventures    with    friends,    as    their    world    travels    continue.        Kelly    demonstrates    her    technical    and    business    prowess,    and    the    company    that    she    and    Sam    founded    takes    off,    changing    their    lives    forever.        There    are    a    billion    reasons    why    they    should    be    happy.        But    they    are    unaware    that    a    storm    is    brewing    on    the    horizon.
The    Experiences    series    is    an    epic    love    story    of    erotic    relationships    and    sexual    desires.        Written    in    a    ‘literary    realism’    style,    the    series    introduces    Sam    in    the    prequel,    and    the    blossoming    of    his    intimate    relationship    with    Kelly    as    the    series    progresses.        Fantasies    and    real-world    adventures    coalesce    to    mold    a    unique    bond    between    unlikely    lovers.        Where    needs    are    mutually    satisfied    in    an    open,    creative    and    trusting    environment.        Where    physical    and    mental    boundaries    are    pushed.        Where    the    concepts    of    love    and    sex    are    never    confused,    but    sometimes    confusing.        Where    openness    is    required    and    intimacy    is    expected.        And    where    fair-is-fair,    regarding    the    punishment    of    transgressions.
Contemporary    erotic    romance:    Suitable    for    mature    readers,    aged    18+    years.    Experiences:    Book    8    is    187,000    words,    18    chapters,    621    print    pages
Acclaim    for    Simone    Freier    and    the    EXPERIENCES    series:

“Fun,    intense,    sexually    erotic”

“One    of    my    favorite    series    in    recent    memory”

“Simone    Freier    is    a    sexually    charged    and    inspired    writer”

“It    is    quite    a    tale    and    a    very    good    read    that    explores    an    intimate    topic”

“The    writing    is    well-done,    engaging,    and    erotic”

“The    characters    are    rich    &    believable,    while    the    eroticism    is    thick    &    lush”

“Freier    writes    some    incredibly    powerful    scenes”

“I    have    enjoyed    this    whole    series    and    don’t    want    it    to    end”

“Freier    holds    poignant    insight    into    the    complexities    of    interpersonal    communications    and    behavior”

“The    desire    crawls    out    of    the    pages    and    into    my    mind”

“The    writing    style    is    relaxed,    even    playful,    and    always    fresh”

“Steams    up    the    pages    –    very    sensual    and    erotic”

“Simone    Freier    entertains    her    readers    with    a    story    of    love,    trust,    respect    and    exploration”

“Unexpectedly    thoughtful    and    intensely    passionate”

“Simone    Freier    has    an    intoxicating    way    with    words”

“Fifty    shades    greyer    in    this    deep    look    at    sexual    explorations”

“Freier’s    attention    to    detail    in    her    books    is    awe-inspiring!”

“I    have    enjoyed    this    whole    series    and    don’t    want    it    to    end”

“Fine    writing    from    an    author    who    knows    her    genre”

“If    you    love    erotica,    then    you’ll    love    this    series”

“Definitely    a    five-star    series!”
WARNING!    This    work    contains    mature    content,    including    graphic    sexual    descriptions    and    scenes,    and    is    provided    for    adults    only.    The    Experiences    series    contains    scenes    of    psychological    and    physical    submission,    discipline,    and    medical    fetish.        The    characters    explore    various    fetishes,    which    evolve    throughout    the    series.        ALL    CHARACTERS    IN    THE    BOOK    ARE    21    YEARS    OLD    OR    OLDER,    and    all    activities    are    consensual.

About The Author

An adventuress and traveler, Simone is a sensual being who loves to read stories that excite her.  She takes exception to authors who promote their works as ‘dirty’, ‘filthy’, or ‘smutty’:  She believes that sex is wonderful in all of its incarnations, and doesn’t shy away from graphic descriptions of realistic sexual experiences, no matter how messy.  Her writing is mainly in the ‘literary realism’ style – i.e., it is wild (even outrageous) … but could really happen to you!  She values openness in relationships, and demonstrates this through her characters.

Prior to becoming an author, Simone was a nurse.  One of her pet peeves is reading erotica that gets simple anatomy wrong!  She is continually bewildered by women who haven’t explored their own bodies.  Another pet peeve is the mostly hung-up Victorian society prevalent in the U.S. and U.K., and she tries to do her part to change that by introducing people to new sexual and sensual experiences through her erotic writing.  The activities in Simone’s books are quite realistic, as she has participated in most of these in ‘real life’, as surreal as it may seem.

Simone is currently completing the Experiences series, which will run an estimated 1,000,000 words!  That is why she refers to it as an ‘epic’ romance, although each volume is intended to stand on its own, with a ‘happy for now’ ending.  Experiences combines literary style and philosophical discussion by the characters with graphic portrayal of sex in all of its kinks and fetishes.  You may not like all of the things Simone’s characters do … but neither do they.  Their exploration of new experiences will hopefully motivate some readers to explore their own sexuality to a greater extent.

Simone loves to hear from her readers, so feel free to contact her.   In fact, she hopes you will feel ‘free’ sexually and spiritually, as well.  Please follow her on social media and her blog.  On her website, you may interact directly with the main characters in her books, including asking them questions in order to understand their perspectives in more depth.

You can sign up to her mailing list to learn about new releases, and take advantage of promotions.  All readers on the mailing list will be sent an excerpt from each of her next novels, prior to publication.

You can contact Simone at sf@simonefreier.com

Visit Simone’s website:  http://simonefreier.com

Friend Simone on her Facebook page:  http://facebook.com/SimoneFreierAuthor

Or, tweet Simone at:  http://twitter.com/simonefreier



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