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Book Excerpt The Visitor

Book Excerpt

The more Tak learned about Earthlings, the more she questioned the mission...

“Now, the girls,” Baron said, carving out the palate from inside the head of the sheep and passing it to them. “This will make you more diligent and hard working. I have hipbones here for the elder men, as honored guests,” he said and served them ceremoniously to the senior men. “Who are the daughters-in-law? They get the breast.” He passed the pieces to them. “Who are the married women?” He passed the neck bones to them and one to Tak. “The boys?” They got the kidneys and heart to grow into a man more rapidly. “Who are the sons-in-law?” Once identified, they got the breastbone. “Now, are there any pregnant women?” Baron looked about until one identified herself. “You get this vertebra. Now here are the brains, but not for children. It will make them weak-willed.” Baron put servings of brains on plates, with that warning, as some of the women passed them to others beside the children. “Here’s an elbow and an ulnar bone. Anyone can have this, except an unmarried woman or young girl, as it will make her left on the shelf with no husband.” Baron passed the elbow toward someone who wanted it. When he completed his performance, all done as though he was born Kazakh, he sat down. The rest did not touch their food until Baron, the most honored guest, began to eat.

“Only a true Kazakh would know such things,” Dr. Dorogomilov complemented.

“Common knowledge,” Baron said in an understatement.

The head of the sheep on the table was facing Tak and it was not just a little distracting. Completely horrified, she tried a bit of a few things to be polite. Then she looked at Baron, who chuckled at her shock, enjoying the effect it was having on her.

When no one was listening, she said to him, “Am I actually asked to consider letting these people go into space?”

About the Book

Title: The Visitor
Author: Brent Ayscough
Genre: Science Fiction
Tasked by the Federation of Planets to determine if Earthlings present a threat as they venture into space, Tak, an alien anthropologist, leaves her starship orbiting Earth and takes a shuttle to Kansas. Intending to study humans in the United States—as she has learned no Earth language but English—she is detected while descending through the atmosphere and only evades capture by fleeing to Europe, where she lands in Poland. There, she meets an international arms merchant, Baron Von Limbach, who becomes her guide. She studies “typical” human behavior by accompanying the baron as he fulfills his latest assignment—to get the Dalai Lama back into Tibet. His method of halting the communist takeover of Tibet is to create a race-specific Ebola that will only attack Han Chinese, giving Tak a prime example of how barbaric humans can be. However, the CIA and US military are aware of Tak’s presence on Earth and are determined to capture her. And if she is unable to complete her mission and return to her starship—her captain will destroy every living thing on Earth.

Author Bio

Brent Ayscough or Ace, as he is known to friends, retired from the practice of law and lives in a house overlooking the sea in Southern California. He has always loved machines, from airplanes to motorcycles, structural design, and other interests. He has enjoyed the acquaintance of diverse and interesting people, and is widely traveled. Bits and pieces of characters he has known, places he has been, seasoned with the spice of his imagination, help him create unusual stories and characters. Extensive collaboration with experts and sources, hopefully, make his stories credible and interesting.


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