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Book Excerpt The Truth About White Supremacy, Sexism and Mind Control in America

Book Excerpt

Despite what has been promoted in American society, there is little difference between the cognitive abilities of males and females. The article “Think Again: Men and Women Share Cognitive Skills,” by the American Psychological Association, states that the perceived or actual differences between male and female performance are the result of cultural factors. In other words, many boys and girls are conditioned to do or not to do certain things based on the expectations of society that they fulfill their stereotypical gender role, rather than their actual skills or abilities.

In the article, Think Again, they found that just telling half of the women who had strong math backgrounds that a math test they were taking showed gender preferences favoring men lowered their performance on the test. The other half of the women were told that the test showed no gender bias. This group performed equally to men.

There have been hundreds of studies that all say the same thing—there is virtually no difference in the intellectual capabilities between men and women performing math, verbal, and science skills. Regardless, society promotes women to be better verbally and men mathematically.

The media, unknowingly, is partially the culprit for this, along with social expectations that were programmed by authority figures. The news broadcasts many studies that are supposedly true, when, in fact, they are not true. Sometimes, the media have no way of knowing that the study is not true because studies come from chauvinist study experts, who claim legitimate study findings.

About the Book

Title: The Truth About White Supremacy, Sexism and Mind Control in America
Author: A.L. Bryant
Genre: Religion, Spirituality & New Age
Take a journey through America to unearth the truths behind white supremacy and sexism in society. Delve into the deepest and most fascinating secrets behind racism and sexism—the secrets they do not want you to know and may not realize.
Examine the origins and progression of racism, sexism, relationships in America, and the science and psychology behind what is real and what is an illusion. Discover how mind control is the weapon of choice to keep certain groups in power and others in the dark and oppressed. This book gives different perspectives from the physical to the metaphysical.
Finally, we explore astonishing revelations about why we are here, who we are, and how to heal and evolve to a higher spiritual level. Explore the mind-blowing revelations and proven facts that will challenge the way you think about people, life, and the universe.
Though this book focuses on America, its breathtaking discoveries can be applied everywhere, and with anyone around the world.

Author Bio

A.L. Bryant is a former journalist, with articles published in the San Diego Independent newspaper and on popular blog sites. In 2003, Bryant won a literary award for a children’s story.
Approaching every piece from the human perspective, Bryant has always sought to uncover, not just the facts, but the real issues behind the story. During this discovery process, and through personal interactions spanning over 25 years, Bryant is exposing tangible evidence about why some things occur in society.


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