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Book Excerpt Sanctuary

Book Excerpt

“Hold still for just a second . . .” Victor Greene, doctor for the United Patirots, muttered under his breath. He filled the syringe with the contents of a MediPal bottle. My heart sped up more and more the closer it got to full. No matter how many times I’m stuck with that damn needle I never seem to be able to stop fearing it.

I think Garth might’ve seen something on my face that betrayed my apprehension. He pulled up the seat next to me at the table where Dr. Greene and I were seated and held onto my hand. The sudden sensation of him brushing his thumb in little circles around my knuckles was enough to shock my attention away from the needle. I thought he was still mad at me for what happened in the library . . . God, how long ago? It seemed like an entire lifetime by that point.

Yet there he was, holding my hand, trying to soothe me away from watching as the needle drew closer. Maybe I was wrong. It wouldn’t have been such a news bulletin if I was.

Dr. Greene put the needle into my vein and pumped the medicine in. A swallowed cry of pain hummed in my throat, fighting hard to get out, wanting to be birthed into the air. But I fought against it. I closed my eyes tight. I tried with everything inside of me to focus not on how much it hurt but instead on Garth’s gentle touch. On the way he squeezed my hand tighter and tighter with the progression of pain on my face.

Then before I knew it Dr. Greene took the needle out of my arm. “There, all done. See? Not so bad—”

“What are we going to do about the guard in our basement?” Mimi snapped, interrupting the doctor’s bedside manner. “I think we ought to talk about that instead of sitting here watching her get a MediPal.” She glared at Garth. “Are you quite ready to talk about it? Or do you still want to play nursemaid?”

“Come on, Mimi,” Walter said with a grin. He stood on the other side of the kitchen counter, drawing his fingernail along cracks in the marble. “Don’t be such a bitch.”

“Oh I’m sorry! Am I being a bitch?”

“Kind of a huge one, yeah.”

She flipped him a very unladylike finger.

Instead of being offended, Walter just laughed. “That helps.”

Just when Mimi pushed herself off the wall and started to charge at Walter, perhaps to fight, perhaps to scream in his face, Jack stepped forward. He put a hand on her shoulder. All at once she went rigid and I thought I saw a slight blush creep across the bridge of her button nose. “Okay, okay, let’s not fight among each other. Remember, we’re here to fight Bram.”

About the Book

Title: Sanctuary

Author: Makayla Love

Genre: Steampunk / Post-Apocalyptic

Shiloh isn’t adjusting well to her new life in Ironbridge. Life isn’t how she always imagined it would be, and every day is harder than the last. Things only get worse when a small family on their way to a settlement called “Sanctuary” shows up on Shiloh’s doorstep looking for an escort the rest of the way. But Sanctuary isn’t all its supposed to be.

When they find themselves trapped, every second becomes a fight for survival. Can they find a way out before one of them falls to a mad tyrant? Or will their little group be broken up forever?

Author Bio

Makayla Love is an aspiring Harley Quinn-esque super villain who has decided to spend her time between nefarious schemes by writing paranormal novels in her lair somewhere in the general Kansas area. She enjoys sit-coms and doesn’t have enough shelf space for her ever multiplying collection of books.


Instagram: @agirl_unwritten
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Twitter: @AGirl_Unwritten
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