vrijdag 29 maart 2019

Book Review Crystal and Flint

Title: Crystal and Flint
Author: Holly Ash
Genre: Science Fiction

It’s been 300 years since humans arrived on Neophia and the planet’s intelligent species have yet to agree on how much influence humans and their advanced technology should have on the planet.  With the threat of war hanging in the air, Lieutenant Commander Crystal Wolf races to finish construction of the mega submarine, Journey, in order to calm political tensions on Neophia and cement her already stellar military career.
Lieutenant Desiree Flint never dreamed she would leave Earth to serve on Neophia, but with the end of her military career in sight she doesn’t see a way around it. Determined to rebuild her reputation on Neophia, no matter the cost, she sets her sights on dethroning Commander Wolf in order to prove her own superiority.
When Journey is attacked by someone from Crystal’s past, the two women must find a way to work together to save the ship, liberate an underwater colony from an oppressive government, and prevent a war.

Review: Crystal is amazing! I loved her from the start. Desiree Flint on the other hand, I didn't have such an immediate connection to her, but after a while, I kind of started to understand her personality after a few chapters. The concept is really intriguing: humanity has arrived on the planet Neophia already 3 centuries ago, but they still haven't quite settled in and war is looming over mankind. Crystal and Flint start out as enemies first, with Flint wanting to dethrone Crystal as commander, but circumstances force them to work together. Lots of emotions, excellent writing and loved the unique setting.

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