zondag 11 mei 2014

Book Review: Made in Bionia

Title: Made in Bionia
Author: Grigory Ryzhakov
Genre: Science Fiction, Satirical Techno-Thriller
Official release date: 14.04.2014
Length in print: 252 pages
Published by Flower Book
Kindle regular price : $3.99; Paperback - $11.99

Book Blurb:

Why does Rasa A, the world’s most secret society, want William Carrot dead? And who is William Carrot? He has to figure this out before it’s too late.
In a world very much like ours, the Third Great War is over and the ocean is dying. Scientists in the country of Bionia invent a new technology to stop an ecological catastrophe. Can William get it before it is seized and destroyed by terrorists? With love, betrayal and marine virology standing in his way, it will be hard to call, especially when his own life is at stake.
A novel in the best traditions of science fiction, Made In Bionia has it all: love, mystery, cutting edge science and alternate history.
Your journey begins in Bionia.

A scifi spy thriller that made me laugh out loud, put me on the edge of my seat, and in general, just about made my day.

The writing and plot are great, and William Carrot is an intriguing person to feature in a book. William Carrot unexpectantly ends up in the middle of a drama that may cause him his life, considering Rasa A. the world's most secret society, wants him dead. He'll have to use all his wits and resources to make it out of this alive.

An excellent read, great for fans of science fiction and thrillers. Loved it! 

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