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Book Excerpt from Godwin's Law


Book Excerpt

On her way out the door, as she’d stepped into her shoes, she’d shot a dainty hand out to swipe whatever cash lay in a bowl on the small table nearby. It was little more than a handful of change and a few crumpled bills. How far, exactly, that would get her, didn’t matter. Nothing mattered except putting as much distance as possible between her and the compound that had been her prison for… how long? Months, at least. It had been two weeks since she’d started counting, since she’d started cheeking the pills, tucking them away in the side of her mouth and spitting them out at the first opportunity, they gave her to keep her calm, docile and obedient.
Her memory shot, all she had left was a nightmarish slideshow of horror filling the gap since she’d been uprooted from Arizona and dropped into the German city. Half of her didn’t want to remember anymore, thought it was better if her mind chose to protect her from those memories. She ran as if she could leave it behind her.
One thing was for sure, she wouldn’t go back. Nothing waited for her back at the compound but terror. She had to get away.
Crushed under the thunderous sound of her panting, the noise of the busy street was a distant thing. The chug of the churning motors, the blare of horns, the shriek of a child somewhere, loud voices volleying from one side to another, she tuned it all out. Nothing mattered but the run.
Gwen’s legs ached and quivered, threatening to buckle under her, but she refused to stop. She pushed on, forcing herself to run faster, to pound the pavement that much harder.
Almost like a mirage, a shimmering oasis rising out of the desert, the sanctuary of the U-Bahn station swelled up ahead of her. A gasp that had nothing to do with her anguished, burning legs spilled from her lips. Somehow, she forced her screaming thighs to pump harder, faster, send her floating over the sidewalk and down the stairs two at a time.
Surely, she had enough in her pocket for a fare. She dipped her hand into the loose pocket of her sweats and fished around for the money she’d swiped as she finally stopped running. She hovered near the ticket kiosk and took the opportunity to catch her breath.
A twisting wave of nausea crashed over her, acidic bile welling in the pit of her throat, sizzling as it sat there. She clapped her hand over her mouth, the forgotten coins showering the concrete before her. As she shut her eyes, willing the rising tide of vomit back down, her legs trembled, turning to jelly, nothing to do with the unusual exertion of her run.
Her legs failed her at last as her head swam in clouds and fog. She collapsed, crashing to her knees, slumping over to her side, with only the edge of the ticket booth keeping her from spilling out across the ground.

About Godwin’s Law

Title: Godwin’s Law
Author: Bernard Maestas
Genre: Thriller
Gwen Kane, estranged daughter of a Forbes millionaire and the bearer of a horrifying secret is lured into a dangerous international cult. It falls to Alex Kirwan and Ted Reagan to rescue her. What should be easy money for the mercenary team of a freerunning ex-commando and his computer hacking partner proves to be anything but as they find themselves doggedly pursued across Europe, Canada and the United States by highly trained forces with resources vastly disproportionate to the recapture of one missing acolyte.
Will Alex and Ted unravel the mystery of Gwen’s importance in time to survive?
Will Gwen pierce the seemingly impenetrable armor around Alex’s heart?
Will Alex and Ted get paid?”

Author Bio

Bernard Maestas lives in paradise. A police officer patrolling the mean streets of Hawaii, he has a background in contract security and military and civilian law enforcement. When not saving the world, one speeding ticket at a time, and not distracted by video games or the internet, he is usually hard at work on his next book.


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