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Book Excerpt from Slumber


Book Excerpt

Sebastian paused outside their cabin, his fingers curled around the door handle. Leaning his forehead against the rough wood, he exhaled. You can do it, man. You can ignore her.

For a week, they’d shared a cabin, and for a week, he’d struggled to resist temptation incarnate. Thalia brushing her hair. The rustle of cloth as Thalia changed clothing behind the screen. The even sound of her breath as she slept. A man could only endure so much, and he was rapidly approaching his breaking point.

This evening he’d attended the captain’s dinner in a vain effort to garner much-needed distance, but all he’d done was think of her. What she’d been doing while he pushed his first course about his plate. If she would’ve enjoyed the intricately prepared second course. If she was at her bath during the dessert course, soaping the golden skin of her arms, dragging the washcloth over her breasts, pushing it between her legs over and over and over….

Breath exploding, he pressed his forehead harder against the door. Gods, he had to stop this. She was his princess. He couldn’t feel this lust for her. Nothing could come of it, and he would only make for himself a frustrated bed should he continue. It didn’t matter that she’d kissed him earlier that day, that maybe she wanted him as he wanted her. It didn’t matter.

Straightening, he turned the handle decisively and strode into the room, arranging a smile that he knew would dazzle upon his face. He faltered as soon as he saw her, the smile frozen.

Thalia sprawled casually on the bed, her back propped by pillows she’d gathered from her sleeping area and the one he’d made on the pallet on the floor, her knee bent as she read a book she’d appropriated from somewhere. Her skirt was rucked up about her knees, her bodice half undone in deference to the warm night air, and she twined a piece of hair about her finger, her lip caught between her teeth.

All-too-familiar lust rushed through him as she looked up, her frown of concentration lighting to a smile when she saw it was him. He wanted to taste the damp skin of her throat, wanted to take the book from her hands and cover her mouth with his.

About The Book

Title: Slumber
Author: Cassandra Dean
Genre: Fantasy Romance / Erotic Romance
The Tailor has been tasked to find the princess…
Upon decree from his king, Sebastian, Tailor to the entire kingdom of Dormiraa, embarks on the mission to fetch the Princess Thalia home, her seven year Royal Tour over. He didn’t expect to find her working with clockwork and gears, encased within a coffin of glass. He did not expect the sight of her wild black hair to set his heart to pound, or the flash of her dark eyes would heat his blood. He did not expect he would want her so badly, not when he could never have her.
The princess must become the Queen…
Thalia has always known she must return to the capital to prepare for the throne. She did not expect her father to send the Tailor to fetch her, or that this man with his extravagant clothes and subtle cosmetics would intrigue her so well. There was something about him, something that spoke of danger and secrets, even as his wicked mouth and knowing eyes made her yearn.
However, not everyone desires the princess’s return. When they are attacked, they can only turn to each other. Will they overcome status and secrets to discover a love for all time?

Author Bio

Cassandra Dean is a best-selling, multi-published author of historical and fantasy romance. Her latest novel, SLUMBER, is part of Decadent Publishing’s Beyond Fairytales and features Cassandra’s take on Sleeping Beauty. Her next novel, SILK & SCARS, is part of her popular Silk Series, featuring Victorian Era lawyers and their happily ever after.
Cassandra is proud to call South Australia her home, where she regularly cheers on her AFL football team and creates her next tale.
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