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Book Excerpt from Anchored in the Bay


Book Excerpt

“Why don’t you just break up with him? Why are you with that guy?” Ed’s nostrils flared and glared at her.
“It’s not that easy,” Emily mumbled, biting her lip.
“Of course it is. Don’t you want to be with me, Em? Don’t answer that, because I know. I know you want to be with me. You showed me,” He crowed. “But I’m not going to go any further with you. I’m done until you’re mine. Do you understand that?” Ed bristled and his face hardened.
A tear rolled down Emily’s cheek. She did know that. Despite the two incidents that had happened between them, Ed was not the kind of guy to be a party to cheating, no matter the form. A hoarse cry of frustration formed in her throat. She swallowed it. She’d thrown her own moral code out for...what? Hormones? One last desperate chance for Ed? How pathetic.
“I’ll do it, give me your phone, I’ll call him and do it,” Ed growled, extending his hand for the phone.
“I’m pregnant,” she whispered, looking down, too terrified to meet Ed’s eyes.
Ed froze, his face a furious mask. His nostrils flaring, his eyes wild, his reaction scared her. Emily fought to keep her composure and hold her ground.
“What did you just say?” he asked again, his voice cracking with emotion, his mouth in a flat line.
“I’m pregnant,” she replied again louder.
Emily turned to look at Ed then. She didn’t know what she had expected to see or how she had wanted him to react. But Ed sat immobile. He looked at her but didn’t seem to see her. She needed more.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” Emily said.
Ed still didn’t reply.
“Good bye Ed,” she said.

About The Book

Title: Anchored in the Bay
Author: Rachelle Paige
Genre: Contemporary Romance
When Emily balked at running away with her childhood sweetheart, Ed, eight years ago, she had no idea he’d disappear from her life. In the years since, she’s managed to push past her pain to open her own business and find love again. Her life feels good, until Ed shows up on her doorstep.
Ed vowed he’d never come back for her. But no matter how many miles, or blondes, he’d put between them, he couldn’t shake her hold on his heart. He’d pictured himself stepping back into her life, but hadn’t counted on her despair over his business or that she’d be pregnant.
Now Ed is fighting both for and against her to win her heart once and for all. But can they find their way back to each other, through years of hurt and with an unexpected baby on the way?

Author Bio

Rachelle Paige lives in the Midwest, spending her days taking care of her family and her nights plotting her next story. Setting her books in some of her favorite locales provides the perfect excuse for plenty of research trips.
Catch up with her on twitter @rpaigebooks and her website www.rachellepaige.com


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