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Book Excerpt from Skydreamer


Book Excerpt

The spherio opens with a click and I place the orb into its proper slot. I don't quite trust the twinkle in his eyes, but he's practically quivering with excitement. As usual, I can't resist him. Grasping his hand, I allow him to pull me toward my co-workers, all of whom laugh and wave, no more able to resist their king's good mood than I am.
He heads toward Isla's apartment and I lift one wry eyebrow. "This is your surprise? I do know where my sister lives."

"Guess again." He taps twice on the door before it slides open.

"Draven!" True to form, Adania ignores me and runs to hug his legs.
"What am I, chopped up troll? I am so invisible,” I tease. “No hug, no I love you…"

"Oh, Jaden." Adania rolls her eyes, then races to the kitchen.

Draven follows her.
"Mr. Dirty watched it for you," she says seriously, pointing at the golem, which is staring at two sacks. One is empty and the other is full.

Draven picks up both bags and waves to Isla's Esprit, Icia, who is parked in the corner. Her little girl head is on alert, tuned to our presence.

I smother Adania in hugs and kisses—which she pretends to hate—before locking the door after us.

Draven turns to me, surprised. "Is Isla okay? Does she often leave Adania alone? Do we need to stay?" His questions seem to come out of nowhere.
"Icia is in the corner on top of the icebox. Nothing gets past her. Isla's probably in the other room, changing clothes. Or taking a bath.” Isla has never fully trusted anyone with Adania. Not even me.

"Does she need a break?”
I give his question serious consideration as we move to the outdoor ledge. Isla likes Draven. She's said so on more than one occasion, maybe just this once she will unbend when it comes to Adania.
"I'll see if she'll let us keep her overnight." Worth a try. She won’t allow it, but maybe this time—just this once—she’ll let me help

About the Book

Title: Skydreamer
Author: Sheryl Winters
Genre: Paranormal Romance
For fire talent, Jaden Zarie, life is far from a fairy tale. Blisters from any contact with water, check. Sleeping in a shed behind your greedy Uncle’s house, check. Ex-boyfriend scouting the bar where you work for one-night stands every night, double check.
When Jaden sets off to secure a new life with her two sisters, winning a contest with a huge pile of gold on the line seems like a quick fix. Getting hitched to Draven Winterbourne, King of the Dragon-changers, and finding true love, was beyond anything she could have hoped for.
But a friend turned enemy threatens to take it all away. Jaden is thrust into an alternate universe and separated from her new husband and her sisters, she must summon up the courage to start over, alone, knowing she may never see any of them again.

Author Bio

Sheryl Winters lives in a small town in Alaska. She grew up in the midst of old country story tellers, so you might say writing comes naturally to her. She is known for writing paranormal romances with a twist. Her writing inspiration often comes from the great outdoors of Alaska and she enfolds bits of it into her stories. For further inspiration, she has raised a menagerie of cats and dogs to the aged spirits they have become.


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