zaterdag 8 augustus 2015

Book Excerpt from The Daughters Lem

Title: The Daughters Lem
Author: Nila Aamoth
Genre: Biographical / Memoir / Historical
The Daughters of Lem witnessed and survived the tragic event that forever transformed them. Orphaned, frightened, fiercely independent, the four sisters fought defiantly to raise themselves. But Lucille, Louise, and Nell Rose could not defeat the notion of a Lem bad seed; they chose to remain childless. Only Dorothy sought to achieve what she perceived to be a “normal” life as a wife and mother. In the process, she discovered her power as an independent woman. Her own three offspring became a new generation of the Daughters of Lem, and fortunate participants in their mother’s improbably joyful journey.

This story just about broke my heart. The Daughters Lem went through a tragic event, and ever since, they believed they had a 'bad seed', that something was wrong with their famly.  All except for Dorothy, who was determined to have a normal life. The book follows the Daughters Lem as they grow up and turn from children into adults, and how the legacy continues. Heart-breaking and heart-warming too, about family love, hardship, and never giving up.

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